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    DescriptionPart #ManufacturerPrice PerQtyOn-HandPackage Discount
    --Use Kb110RBR400-63Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb110 Kit, Only Way For This PartRB104506-3Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb120RB104506-5Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb120RBR400-73Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb130RBR400-83Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb130RB104506-7Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb133RBB3370-1BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships within 3 Weeks
    --Use Kb136 For This PartRBB3370-10BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    --Use Kb140RBR400-103BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    --Use Kb140 KitRBR400-104BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    --Use Kb150RB105366-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallUsually Ships within 3 Weeks
    --Use Kb210RB106524-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb220RB106270-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb230RB100035-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb233, Only Sold In Kits NowRBB3513-1BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships within 3 Weeks
    --Use Kb236RBB3514-1BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    --Use Kb239RBB1012-1BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    --Use Kb240RB100039-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb250RB105688-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    --Use Kb300RBR481Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb300RBR470Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb300RBR460Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb320RBR475Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    --Use Kb330RBR475-4Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    --Use Kb330 KitRB100056-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    --Use Kb333RB0305Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kb333RBR480-1Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use Kit Kb300/310/320/333/339RBR480Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    --Use R400Ss-3/4RBRC810SS-3/4Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    Adapter, 1/4-20 X 1/8'' FptRBR435-1BOBŪ Valves$10.40In Stock
    Adapter, Brass, 3/8'' X 1/8'' For Use With R440-8RBR209-3/8X1/8BOBŪ Valves$2.30In Stock
    Arm Kit For 610 SeriesRBKB330Ace Roto-Mold / Ace TanksCallCall
    Arm Kit For R400 SeriesRBKB300BOBŪ Valves$13.00In Stock
    Arm Kit For R600-1-1/2RBKB310BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    Arm Kit For R610-2RBKB320BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships within 3 Weeks
    Arm Kit For R810-1RBKB339BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    Arm Kit For Rc810-1/2&3/4RBKB333BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    Cotter Pin, R600 Valves, Pack Of 4RBR481-21/23BOBŪ Valves$4.68In Stock
    CupRB104506-7VBOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Cup & Disc Kit For R400-1RBKB130BOBŪ Valves$5.11In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For R400-1/2RBKB110BOBŪ Valves$3.76In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For R400-3/4RBKB120BOBŪ Valves$4.61In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For R400-3/8RBKB100BOBŪ Valves$2.47Call
    Cup & Disc Kit For R600-1/2, Repair PartsRBKB140BOBŪ Valves$6.71In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For R610-2RBKB150BOBŪ Valves$7.08In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For R810-1RBKB139BOBŪ Valves$3.25In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For Rc810-1/2RBKB133BOBŪ Valves$4.17In Stock
    Cup & Disc Kit For Rc810-3/4RBKB136BOBŪ Valves$4.91In Stock
    DiscRBR400-83VBOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Disc, Viton For Rc810-3/4RBB3370-10VBOBŪ Valves$3.91Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Float Ball, 4'', Copper For 1/2'' ValvesGN2P009Ace Roto-Mold / Ace Tanks$54.50In Stock
    Float Ball, 5'' Copper For 3/4'' ValvesRBR440-5BOBŪ Valves$32.95In Stock
    Float Ball, 5'' Poly For 3/4'' ValvesRBPF5BOBŪ Valves$11.35In Stock
    Float Ball, 6'' Copper For 1'' & 1-1/2'' ValvesRBR440-6BOBŪ Valves$42.95In Stock
    Float Ball, 8'' Copper For 2'' ValvesRBR440-8BOBŪ Valves$95.95In Stock
    Float Ball, 8'' Poly For 1-1/2'' & 2'' ValvesRBPF8-1BOBŪ Valves$15.85In Stock
    Float Ball, Poly For 1/2'' ValvesRBPF21-1BOBŪ Valves$2.96In Stock
    Float Ball. 6'' Poly For 1'' ValvesRBPF6BOBŪ Valves$13.45In Stock
    Float Rod, 10'' Brass, R400, R600 & Rc810RBR450-10BOBŪ Valves$4.51In Stock
    Float Rod, 12'' Brass, R610, 1/8'' MptRBR455-12BOBŪ Valves$13.80In Stock
    Float Rod, 12'', Rf610RBR452-12BOBŪ Valves$14.30Usually Ships within 3 Weeks
    Float Rod, 16'' Brass, 3/8'' MptRBR457-16BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Float Rod, 6'' Brass, R400, R600 & Rc810RBR450-6BOBŪ Valves$6.76In Stock
    Float Rod, 8'' Brass, R400, R600 & Rc810RBR450-8BOBŪ Valves$4.26In Stock
    Float, 6'' Copper, 3/8-16 SaeRBR442-6BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Float, 8'' Poly, 3/8'' FptRBPF8BOBŪ Valves$15.95In Stock
    Float, Poly, 6'' CylinderRBPF46BOBŪ Valves$9.54Usually Ships within 3 Weeks
    Plunger Assembly, 1'' FlutedRBB3209-1BOBŪ ValvesCallCall
    Plunger Assembly, 3/4'' FlutedRBB3208-1BOBŪ Valves$13.85Call
    Plunger Kit For R400-1RBKB230BOBŪ Valves$25.80In Stock
    Plunger Kit For R400-1/2RBKB210BOBŪ Valves$10.50In Stock
    Plunger Kit For R400-3/4RBKB220BOBŪ Valves$14.00In Stock
    Plunger Kit For R600-1-1/2RBKB240BOBŪ Valves$51.65In Stock
    Plunger Kit For R610-2RBKB250BOBŪ Valves$39.40In Stock
    Plunger Kit For R810-1RBKB239BOBŪ Valves$21.00In Stock
    Plunger Kit For Rc810-1/2RBKB233BOBŪ Valves$7.97In Stock
    Plunger Kit For Rc810-3/4RBKB236BOBŪ Valves$10.65In Stock
    Screw, BrassRBR400-105-3BOBŪ Valves$0.68Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Short Arm For R810-1RBR1006BOBŪ Valves$7.87Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    Short Arm For Rc810-1/2 & 3/4RBR306BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships within 3 Weeks
    Stem & Swivel Assembly, 10''RBR380BOBŪ Valves$14.90In Stock
    Swivel AssemblyRB104670-1BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks
    ValveRBR400-1-V315BOBŪ ValvesCallUsually Ships Within 2 Weeks

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