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DescriptionPart #ManufacturerPrice PerQtyOn-HandPackage Discount
Sewage Pump, 2 Hp-3Ph, Stainless Steel, Fac -RegPrice$903.00EAU615-3-REbara Pumps$629.00In Stock
Socket, Impact, 1-1/2'' Hex & 13/16'' Square -RegPrice$50.81WF8991WRIGHT$38.30In Stock
Socket, Deep, 1-3/4'', 1'' Drive -RegPrice$52.03WF8956WRIGHT$39.20In Stock
Adapter, 1'' Fm X 3/4'' M -RegPrice$31.92WF8900WRIGHT$24.00In Stock
Socket, Impact, 2-3/16'' Standard, 1'' Drive -RegPrice$47.10WF8870WRIGHT$35.50In Stock
Socket, Impact, 1'' Deep, 3/4'' Drive, 6-Poi -RegPrice$18.61WF6932WRIGHT$14.00In Stock
Socket, Impact, 1-7/16'' Standard, 3/4'' Dri -RegPrice$18.69WF6846WRIGHT$14.10In Stock
Socket, Impact, 1-3/8'' Standard, 3/4'' Driv -RegPrice$18.22WF6844WRIGHT$13.75In Stock
Socket, Impact, 1'' Standard, 3/4'' Drive, 6 -RegPrice$13.50WF6832WRIGHT$10.15In Stock
Socket, Impact,3/4'' Standard, 3/4'' Drive, -RegPrice$12.77WF6824WRIGHT$9.62In Stock
Enclosure, Pvc, 10'' X 8'' X 4'' With Lid -RegPrice$94.00UTTX004-006$69.85In Stock
Enclosure, 12'' X 12'' -RegPrice$60.00UTSC12124$44.55In Stock
Enclosure, 12'' X 12'' X 6'' -RegPrice$51.20UTE989UUN$38.20In Stock
Nozzle, Fastcap Flat Fan, Green, Ss Insert, 1 -RegPrice$4.50TWFCTR110015Hypro$2.84In Stock
Hose, Ducting / Blower, 2'' Neoprene, 25'/P -RegPrice$106.40TFHTNP2-2-$79.60In Stock
Hose End Valve, Quick Acting, 1-1/4'', Rebu -RegPrice$179.55STAL361-RSquibb Taylor$139.50In Stock
Strainer, 1-1/2'' Nylon, 30 Mesh -RegPrice$42.90SS124A-1-1/2NYBSpraying Systems / TeeJet$28.70In Stock
Fuel Pump, Suntec -RegPrice$169.00SDB2TA-8249Suntec Pumps$152.00In Stock
Wrench, Adjustable, 10'' Wright Chrome Plate -RegPrice$23.83WF9AC10WRIGHT$20.30In Stock
Clear Lens For 551 -RegPrice$1.20WL99100BOUTON$0.80In Stock
Wheel Cart Pressure Washer, Rebuilt -RegPrice$895.00BIEE3010G-R$689.00In Stock
Centrifugal Pump, 2'' 316Ss, 3 Hp, 1 Ph, R -RegPrice$1075.00GL3ST1H4C4-RGoulds Pumps$750.00In Stock
Plunger Pump, 2412B-P, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice$650.00HY2412B-RHypro$476.00In Stock
Diaphragm Pump, Air Operated Teflon, Factor -RegPrice$305.00YANDP-15FPT-RYamada Pumps$219.00In Stock
Power Adaptor Kit, Repair Parts -RegPrice$180.00RV117-0159-923RRaven Industries$135.00In Stock
Turbo Nozzle, #20 Rebuilt -RegPrice$95.00GU22060-200-RGiant$70.95In Stock
Spray Gun, Trigger, Zero Leak, Brass Ports, -RegPrice$20.00GU21290B-RGiant$13.95In Stock
Multi-Tron Coin Mech, Version Ii-Rebuilt -RegPrice$219.00GSGS44-2-RGinSan Industries$169.00In Stock
Turbo Nozzle #3 Yellow Rebuilt -RegPrice$42.95NPST357-3-RSuttner America$29.95In Stock
Adjustable Spray Wand With Extension, Rebui -RegPrice$391.00UD22.901.163-RUdor USA$299.00In Stock
Roper·pump·unit,13Hp Honda,Rebuilt -RegPrice$2815.00DURPU13GH-RDultmeier Sales$1,995.00In Stock
Pump, Rotary Vane, 1/2'' Stainless Steel 4. -RegPrice$224.00PBPO811-R$149.00In Stock
1·x·12Ft·curb·pump·hose·assy,Softwall -RegPrice$67.00GDL44-1X12AFillrite / Sotera$50.00In Stock
Spray Gun, Trigger, Zero Leak, 4000 Psi, Fac -RegPrice$16.55NPST1500-RSuttner America$11.95In Stock
Centrifugal Pump Unit, 2'' Ci, 6.5 Hp Rebui -RegPrice$400.00HY1532C-6SP-RHypro$297.00In Stock
Fuel Pump, 115V, Rebuilt -RegPrice$530.00FR710VN-RFillrite / Sotera$395.00In Stock
Manifold, 2-Run Supply Without Valves -RegPrice$28.00WUA2503220Uponor$19.95In Stock
Pipe Threader, Jam-Proof Ratchet, Rebuilt -RegPrice$745.00RI65RTC-RRidgid Tools$500.00In Stock
Oil Pump, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice$388.00NS1737-RNational Spencer$289.50In Stock
Nh3 Y Valve With Extension, 1-1/4'' X 1-1/4 -RegPrice$155.00STA331-RSquibb Taylor$116.00In Stock
Valve, Globe, 2'' Fpt, Stainless -RegPrice$100.00EVSSGV200-G$75.15In Stock
Tank, Soap, Ss With Baffle -RegPrice$329.00DUWT20D$279.00In Stock
Pump Unit, 2'' Mp, 5 Hp, 3 Phase -RegPrice$1240.00DUMP3530-RDultmeier Sales$860.00In Stock
Quick Lock Coupler, 3'' X 3-1/4'' -RegPrice$18.36DN970PDutton Lainson$13.70In Stock
Quick Lock Coupler, 2-9/16'' X 2-13/16'' -RegPrice$19.50DN960PDutton Lainson$13.45In Stock
Thread Locker, ''Faslok'' Medium -RegPrice$6.70CRMTL10Federal Process$5.00In Stock
Motor, C-Face, 40 Hp, 3 Ph, Tefc -RegPrice$2000.00CEJPM4109TMASKA$752.00In Stock
Vantage Bill Acceptor, 110V, Rebuilt -RegPrice$331.00AVVL61R-RCOINCO$229.00In Stock
3''Ci Banjo Pump/Wet Seal Pump-Rebuilt -RegPrice$900.00TK301POIW-RBanjo Corp.$664.00In Stock
Foam Marker, 15 Gallon, Rebuilt -RegPrice$877.00BUFM150-RJohn Blue / CDS$654.00In Stock
Air Actuator For 5'' Thru 6'' Valves -RegPrice$225.50BF56Dultmeier Sales$155.50In Stock
Replacement Timer For Qpsys-Rebuilt -RegPrice$999.00AVQPRT-R$775.00In Stock
Replacement Card Swipe For Qpsys -RegPrice$215.00AVQPCS$159.00In Stock
Plunger Pump With Flange, Rebuilt -RegPrice$291.00ARXMA35G25EF17RAR North America$199.00In Stock
Air Blow Gun, Button-Type Safety, Zinc Die Ca -RegPrice$8.04AMA633$6.95In Stock
Plunger Pump, Direct Drive, 24Mm Right Hand -RegPrice$940.00AJ309RArimitsu Pumps$599.00In Stock
Motor Control Box -RegPrice$64.25FW133589-RFlint & Walling$50.80In Stock
Well Pump End, 55 Gpm, Ss -RegPrice$487.00FW4F55S15-RFlint & Walling$335.50In Stock
Bay Sign, ''Wax'', 15'' X 22'', Lexan Coated -RegPrice$27.50NDPS8$15.95In Stock
Bay Sign, ''Soap'', 15'' X 22'', Lexan Coate -RegPrice$27.50NDPS3$15.95In Stock
Bay Sign, ''Rinse'', 15'' X 22'', Lexan Coat -RegPrice$27.50NDPS2$15.95In Stock
Receiver Lock, 1/2'' -RegPrice$13.24MR374DATMaster Lock$8.50In Stock
Interchangeable Ball Pack, 1-7/8'' & 2'' Bal -RegPrice$17.25MR2806DMaster Lock$13.95In Stock
Rotating Nozzle, Gold, #9.0 -RegPrice$143.00IPY5K90General / Interpump$119.00In Stock
Centrifugal Hydraulic Pump, 2'' X 1-1/2'' C -RegPrice$717.00HY9306CHM5CU-RHypro$535.00In Stock
Retainer, Repair Part -RegPrice$.60HY1810-13Hypro$0.60In Stock
Pump Unit, Cast Iron Circulator, 1/8 Hp, Le -RegPrice$531.00HU111CTaco Pumps$499.00In Stock
Tap, Plug Style, 1/4''-20 -RegPrice$3.55HE1420$2.95In Stock
Trash Pump With Cleanout, Ci, 10 Hp, 1 Ph -RegPrice$2210.00GR394D-95-R$1,648.00In Stock
Ball Valve, 1/2'' Air Actuated, Ss, 3 Piece -RegPrice$325.00GN2R12Dwyer Instruments$240.50In Stock
Turbo Nozzle, 22040B-20, Rebuilt -RegPrice$51.85GU22047-RGiant$36.95In Stock
Meter, Electronic Digital, 1'' Nylon, Rebui -RegPrice$276.65GI3N31GM-RGreat Plains Industries$208.00In Stock
Fuel Meter, 1'' Aluminum, Repard -RegPrice$287.30GI3A31GM-RGreat Plains Industries$216.00In Stock
Hose, Hydraulic, 1/2'' X .86'', Bulk High Pre -RegPrice$5.79GAC2AT-1/2Gates Rubber$3.83In Stock
Hose, Hydraulic, 3/8'' X .69'', Bulk High Pre -RegPrice$2.47GAC1T-3/8Gates Rubber$1.79In Stock
Plunger Pump, Direct Drive, 24Mm Left Hand -RegPrice$940.00AJ309LArimitsu Pumps$599.00In Stock

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