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  Part No. Description Wt. Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
AJ309L Plunger Pump, Direct Drive, 24mm, Left Hand -RegPrice $ 17.00 lbs. Arimitsu Pumps $599.00 In Stock
AJ309R Plunger Pump, Direct Drive, 24mm, Right Hand -RegPrice $ 17.00 lbs. Arimitsu Pumps $599.00 In Stock
AJ312L Plunger Pump, Direct Drive, 24mm Left Hand -RegPrice $6 17.00 lbs. Arimitsu Pumps $599.00 In Stock
  ARXMA35G25EF17R Plunger Pump With Flange, Rebuilt -RegPrice $291.0 15.00 lbs. $199.00 In Stock
  BF56 Air Actuator For 5" Thru 6" Valves -RegPrice $225.50 0.00 lbs. $155.50 In Stock
  BUFM150-R Foam Marker, 15 Gallon, Rebuilt -RegPrice $1039.0 0.00 lbs. $654.00 In Stock
  CEJPM4109T Motor, C-Face, 40 Hp, 3 Ph, TEFC -RegPrice $2000.0 520.00 lbs. $752.00 In Stock
  DE910-R Portable Foam Unit, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice $805.0 35.00 lbs. $599.00 In Stock
  DL8900DSS-R Repaired Dl SS Pump -RegPrice $310.0 14.00 lbs. $230.00 In Stock
DN960P Quick Lock Coupler, 2-9/16 in. x 2-13/16 in. -RegPrice 2.83 lbs. Dutton Lainson $13.45 In Stock
DN970P Quick Lock Coupler, 3IN X 3-1/4IN -RegPrice$18.36 3.17 lbs. Dutton Lainson $13.70 In Stock
  DUMP3530-R Pump Unit, 2IN Mp, 5 Hp, 3 Phase -RegPrice$1240.00 190.00 lbs. $860.00 In Stock
  DUWT20D Tank, Soap, SS With Baffle -RegPrice$329.00 40.00 lbs. $279.00 Usually Ships within 4 Weeks
  EVSSGV200-G Valve, Globe, 2IN Fpt, Stainless -RegPrice$100.00 0.00 lbs. $75.15 In Stock
  FLCV700-R Check Valve, 1/2IN SS, Viton, Rebuilt -RegPrice$28.00 0.50 lbs. $20.95 In Stock
  FR710VN-R Fuel Pump, 115V, Rebuilt -RegPrice$530.00 56.00 lbs. $395.00 In Stock
  FW133589-R Motor Control Box -RegPrice$64.25 0.00 lbs. $50.80 In Stock
  FW4F55S15-R Well Pump End, 55 Gpm, SS -RegPrice$487.00 0.00 lbs. $335.50 In Stock
GAC1T-3/8 Hose, Hydraulic, 3/8IN X .69IN, Bulk High Pre -RegPrice$2.47 0.23 lbs. Gates Rubber $1.79 Call
  GDL44-1X12A Curb Pump Hose Assy, 1 x 12 Ft., Softwall -RegPrice$67.00 0.00 lbs. $50.00 In Stock
  GI3N31GM-R Meter, Electronic Digital, 1IN Nylon, Rebui -RegPrice$276.65 0.00 lbs. $208.00 In Stock
  GITM075N-R Digital Meter, 3/4 Inch Fpt, Rebuilt -RegPrice$235.00 0.00 lbs. $175.00 In Stock
  GL3ST1H4C4-R Centrifugal Pump, 2IN 316SS, 3 Hp, 1 Ph, -RegPrice$1075.00 0.00 lbs. $772.00 In Stock
GN2R12 Ball Valve, 1/2IN Air Actuated, Ss, 3 Piece -RegPrice$325.00 0.00 lbs. Dwyer Instruments $240.50 In Stock
  GR394D-95-R Trash Pump With Cleanout, CI, 10 Hp, 1 Ph -RegPrice$2210.00 0.00 lbs. $1,647.61 In Stock
  GU22047-R Turbo Nozzle, 22040B-20, Rebuilt -RegPrice$51.85 0.00 lbs. $36.95 In Stock
  GU22060-200-R Turbo Nozzle, #20 Rebuilt -RegPrice$98.00 0.00 lbs. $69.95 In Stock
  HE1420 Tap, Plug Style, 1/4IN-20 -RegPrice$3.55 0.00 lbs. $2.95 In Stock
HE1908 Pipe Tap, 1-1/4IN -RegPrice$46.25 Call
HE1909 Pipe Tap, 1-1/2IN -RegPrice$65.60 Call
  HR572-R Float Valve With Bracket, Rebuilt -RegPrice$206.50 0.00 lbs. $139.50 In Stock
  HY1532C-6SP-R Centrifugal Pump Unit, 2IN Ci, 6.5 Hp Rebui -RegPrice$400.00 0.00 lbs. $297.00 In Stock
  HY1810-13 Retainer, Repair Part -RegPrice$.63 0.00 lbs. $0.63 In Stock
  HY2412B-R Plunger Pump, 2412B-P, Factory Rebuilt -RegPrice$650.00 39.00 lbs. $469.00 In Stock
  HY9306CHM5CU-R Centrifugal Hydraulic Pump, 2IN X 1-1/2IN C -RegPrice$717.00 0.00 lbs. $535.00 In Stock
IPY5K90 Rotating Nozzle, Gold, #9.0 -RegPrice$143.00 0.00 lbs. General / Interpump $119.00 Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks
KT4-2756 Wrench, Combination, 1-3/4IN -RegPrice$28.07 Squibb Taylor Call
KT4101 Ratchet, Reversible, 1/2IN Drive, 10IN Long -RegPrice$32.85 KT Industries Call
KTDP70 Plier, Diagonal, Heavy Duty -RegPrice$6.05 0.00 lbs. KT Industries $3.99 In Stock
KTSJ8V Pliers, Slip Joint, 8IN -RegPrice$6.85 KT Industries Call
MH10202 Chisel, Cold, 3/8IN -RegPrice$4.45 Mayhew Tools Call
MH10209 Chiesl, Cold, 5/8IN -RegPrice$6.43 Mayhew Tools Call
MH10212 Chisel, Cold, 3/4IN -RegPrice$8.05 0.00 lbs. Mayhew Tools $4.85 In Stock
MH21001 Punch, Pin, 3/32IN -RegPrice$4.65 Mayhew Tools Call
MH25002 Punch, Pilot, 3/32IN (No. 3) -RegPrice$5.45 Mayhew Tools Call
MR2806D Interchangeable Ball Pack, 1-7/8IN & 2IN Bal -RegPrice$17.25 0.00 lbs. Master Lock $13.95 In Stock
MR374DAT Receiver Lock, 1/2IN -RegPrice$13.24 0.00 lbs. Master Lock $8.50 In Stock
MS11395 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 3/32IN -RegPrice$.80 Call
MS11402 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 7/64IN -RegPrice$.80 Call
MS11412 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 9/64IN -RegPrice$1.00 0.00 lbs. $0.49 In Stock
MS11424 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 11/64IN -RegPrice$1.14 Call
MS11430 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 3/16IN -RegPrice$1.27 0.00 lbs. $0.59 In Stock
MS11442 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 7/32IN -RegPrice$1.60 0.00 lbs. $0.75 Usually Ships Within 1 Week
MS11446 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 15/64IN -RegPrice$1.68 0.00 lbs. $0.85 In Stock
MS11454 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 17/64IN -RegPrice$2.21 0.00 lbs. $1.09 Usually Ships within 3 Weeks
MS11459 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 9/32IN -RegPrice$2.53 0.00 lbs. $1.09 In Stock
MS11467 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 21/64IN -RegPrice$3.15 Call
MS11470 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 11/32IN -RegPrice$3.60 0.00 lbs. $1.75 In Stock
MS11473 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 23/64IN -RegPrice$4.15 0.00 lbs. $1.95 In Stock
MS11478 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 25/64IN -RegPrice$4.56 Call
MS11481 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 13/32IN -RegPrice$4.70 Call
MS11483 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 27/64IN -RegPrice$5.10 0.00 lbs. $2.65 In Stock
MS11485 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 29/64IN -RegPrice$6.37 0.00 lbs. $2.99 In Stock
MS11486 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 15/32IN -RegPrice$6.50 0.00 lbs. $3.09 In Stock
MS11487 Drill Bit, General Purpose, 31/64IN -RegPrice$7.05 0.00 lbs. $3.29 Usually Ships Within 1 Week
  MS17116 Drill Bit, Cobalt, 5/64IN -RegPrice$1.47 Call
  MS17130 Drill Bit, Cobalt, 7/64IN -RegPrice$1.60 0.00 lbs. $0.95 In Stock
  MS17140 Drill Bit, Cobalt, 9/64IN -RegPrice$1.81 0.00 lbs. $1.05 In Stock
  MS17187 Drill Bit, Cobalt, 9/32IN -RegPrice$4.22 0.00 lbs. $2.29 In Stock
  MS17203 Drill Bit, Cobalt, 3/8IN -RegPrice$8.17 Call
  NPST1500-R Spray Gun, Trigger, Zero Leak, 4000 Psi, Fac -RegPrice$17.55 1.30 lbs. $13.10 In Stock
  NPST357-3-R Turbo Nozzle #3 Yellow Rebuilt -RegPrice$42.95 0.00 lbs. $29.95 In Stock
  PBPO301V-R Pump, Rotary Vane, Brass, Rebuilt -RegPrice$67.50 3.00 lbs. $47.95 In Stock
  PBPO811-R Pump, Rotary Vane, 1/2IN Stainless Steel 4. -RegPrice$224.00 6.00 lbs. $149.00 In Stock
  RI65RTC-R Pipe Threader, Jam-Proof Ratchet, Rebuilt -RegPrice$745.00 0.00 lbs. $500.00 In Stock
RI810 Pipe Wrench, Straight Aluminum Handle, 10IN -RegPrice$50.00 1.15 lbs. Ridgid Tools $32.95 In Stock
RIR10 Pipe Wrench, Straight Handle, 10IN L, 1-1/2FT -RegPrice$29.4 1.74 lbs. Ridgid Tools $19.95 In Stock
RIR14 Pipe Wrench, Straight Handle, 14IN L, 2IN Ja -RegPrice$37.50 Ridgid Tools Call
  RV063-0173-202R NH3 Control Valve, 1-1/4 in., Rebuilt -RegPrice$480 0.00 lbs. $357.00 Call
  RV117-0159-923R Power Adaptor Kit, Repair Parts -RegPrice$180.00 0.00 lbs. $135.00 In Stock
SDB2TA-8249 Fuel Pump, Suntec -RegPrice$169.00 4.00 lbs. Suntec $152.00 In Stock
  SS124A-1-1/2NYB Strainer, 1-1/2IN Nylon, 30 Mesh -RegPrice$42.90 0.00 lbs. $29.41 In Stock
  STA331-R Nh3 Y Valve With Extension, 1-1/4IN X 1-1/4 -RegPrice$155.00 0.00 lbs. $116.00 In Stock
  STAL361-R Hose End Valve, Quick Acting, 1-1/4IN, Rebu -RegPrice$179.55 0.00 lbs. $139.50 In Stock
  TFHTNP2-2 Hose, Ducting / Blower, 2IN Neoprene, 25FT/P -RegPrice$106.4 5.50 lbs. $79.80 In Stock
TWFCTR110015 Nozzle, Fastcap Flat Fan, Green, Ss Insert, 1 -RegPrice$4.50 0.00 lbs. Hypro $2.84 In Stock
  UD22.901.163-R Adjustable Spray Wand With Extension, Rebui -RegPrice$391.00 0.00 lbs. $299.00 In Stock
  UTE989UUN Enclosure, 12IN X 12IN X 6IN -RegPrice$51.20 0.00 lbs. $38.20 In Stock
  UTSC12124 Enclosure, 12IN X 12IN -RegPrice$60.00 0.00 lbs. $44.55 In Stock
  UTTX004-006 Enclosure, Pvc, 10IN X 8IN X 4IN With Lid -RegPrice$69.90 0.00 lbs. $59.95 In Stock
  WF6824 Socket, Impact,3/4IN Standard, 3/4IN Drive, -RegPrice$12.77 0.70 lbs. $9.62 In Stock
  WF6832 Socket, Impact, 1IN Standard, 3/4IN Drive, 6 -RegPrice$13.50 0.80 lbs. $10.15 In Stock
  WF6844 Socket, Impact, 1-3/8IN Standard, 3/4IN Driv -RegPrice$18.22 1.30 lbs. $13.75 In Stock
  WF6932 Socket, Impact, 1IN Deep, 3/4IN Drive, 6-Poi -RegPrice$18.61 1.00 lbs. $14.00 Usually Ships within 3 Weeks
  WF8870 Socket, Impact, 2-3/16IN Standard, 1IN Drive -RegPrice$47.10 3.50 lbs. $35.50 Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks
  WF8991 Socket, Impact, 1-1/2IN Hex & 13/16IN Square -RegPrice$50.81 3.00 lbs. $38.30 In Stock
WL99100 Clear Lens For 551 -RegPrice$1.20 0.00 lbs. $0.80 In Stock
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