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Adaptor, Tank, 2IN X 2IN Mpt X 1 1/4IN Fm, Cast Iron ThreadeFR600-105Fill-Rite / Sotera$26.05In Stock  
Bulk Face Plate Kit For 807C MeterFRKIT800FPPFill-Rite / Sotera$85.50Call  
Digital Meter, 1IN, 2-25 GpmFR1118Fill-Rite / Sotera$77.25In Stock  
Fill-Rite - Sotera Labor / Repair ChargeFR2235Fill-Rite / SoteraCallCall  
Fill-Rite - Sotera Repair PartsFR2236Fill-Rite / SoteraCallCall  
Fuel Meter, Digital, 1IN, 6-40 GpmFR900DFill-Rite / Sotera$315.50Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks  
Fuel Pump, 12 Volt, 18FT Hose, Auto NozzleFRFR3210Fill-Rite / Sotera$804.00In Stock  
Fuel Pump, Only, 115 Volt, Less Hose & NozzleFR710VNFill-Rite / Sotera$540.00Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks  
Hand Lever Pump For DefFRFRHP32VFill-Rite / Sotera$71.70In Stock  
Hose Kit For Def, 3/4IN X 8FT With Ball Tap ValveFRKITA32VFill-Rite / Sotera$32.30In Stock  
Meter, Chemical, Digital, 1INFR825Fill-Rite / Sotera$179.50In Stock  
Meter, Chemical, Digital, 1IN With Air EliminatorFR850Fill-Rite / Sotera$229.50In Stock  
Meter, Chemical, Digital, 1IN With Epdm GasketsFR825X700Fill-Rite / Sotera$180.00In Stock  
Pipe, 1IN Steel, 20-34.75IN LengthFR151-98Fill-Rite / Sotera$24.50In Stock  
Pump System, 115 Volt Chemtraveller With Top & Bottom HosesFR465X713Fill-Rite / Sotera$934.00In Stock  
Pump, 12 Volt Chemtraveller, Top & Bottom Hose Less MeterFR435X713Fill-Rite / Sotera$849.00Call  
Pump, 12 Volt With Meter & Recirculator For LumaxFR445X700Fill-Rite / Sotera$818.00In Stock10% on 6
Pump, 12 Volt, Portable, With Meter In Stand, Gal/LtFR435Fill-Rite / Sotera$989.00In Stock5% on 10
Pump, Fuel, 115 Volt With Meter, Less Suction PipeFRFR701Fill-Rite / Sotera$695.00In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 115 Volt, 3/4IN Nozzle, 2IN Tank Adapter, L/ MetFRSD602Fill-Rite / Sotera$335.50In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 115 Volt, Hose & Nozzle, Less Pipe & MeteFRFR700Fill-Rite / Sotera$539.00In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 115/230V, Manual Meter, Automatic NozzleFRFR311VBFill-Rite / Sotera$1,354.00In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 12 Volt With Hose, Nozzle, Pipe, Less MeterFR1210Fill-Rite / Sotera$338.50In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 12 Volt, 1/4 Hp, 3/4IN X 10FT Hose, Less MeterFRSD1202Fill-Rite / Sotera$289.00In Stock  
Pump, Fuel, 12 Volt, 20 GpmFRFR4210Fill-Rite / Sotera$416.00In Stock  
Pump, Recirculating, 12 VoltFR445Fill-Rite / Sotera$818.00In Stock10% on 6
Pump, Rotary Vane, 3/4IN 12 VoltFRFR1612Fill-Rite / Sotera$123.50In Stock  
Pump, Rotary Vane, INKitIN, 3/4IN 12 VoltFRFR1614Fill-Rite / Sotera$161.00Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks  
Repair KitFRKIT120SLFill-Rite / Sotera$22.55Usually Ships within 3 Weeks  
Repair Kit For 445 PumpFR445KTH1492Fill-Rite / Sotera$33.75Usually Ships within 3 Weeks  
Repair Kit, 600/1200/4200FRF8739Fill-Rite / Sotera$90.00Usually Ships Within 2 Weeks  
Tote & Go Pump Kit: 115 Volt Diaphragm Pump, PlumbingFR460X731PFill-Rite / Sotera$615.00In Stock  
Tote & Go Pump Kit: 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump, PlumbingFR415X731PFill-Rite / Sotera$612.00In Stock  
Tote & Go Pump: 115 Volt Diaphragm Pump/Motor Unit OnlyFR460X731Fill-Rite / Sotera$488.00In Stock  
Tote & Go Pump: 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump OnlyFR415X731Fill-Rite / Sotera$485.00Usually Ships within 4 Weeks  
Vane Pump, 12 Volt Dc, 3/4IN Fpt, StainlessFRSA1208-DCFill-Rite / Sotera$655.00In Stock  

Showing Items 1-36 of 36.

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