Looking for that perfect fuel transfer pump unit?  Look no further.  We assemble these units in Omaha, NE in our production facility.  These fuel transfer pump units are available in either 1″ transfer or 1.5″ transfer capacity – flow characteristics vary drastically between the two versions.

The Dilemma & Our Solution for You

The 1″ fuel transfer pump unit (DUFPU1P) will produce a flow rate of 32 GPM – at the nozzle. This is a true representation of the flow rate that the end user can expect – at the end of the plumbing system.  While competitive systems will notate “max flow rate”, many of them are portraying the flow rate the fuel transfer pump outputs at an open discharge.  Open discharge means unrestricted flow and isn’t an accurate representation of what an end user will experience, in terms of flow rate at the nozzle, once the fuel transfer pump is installed into a plumbing system.  Here is a quick example of how friction loss is calculated through a plumbing system to determine flow rate – at the nozzle.

Our 1.5″ fuel transfer pump unit will produce a flow rate of 60 GPM – at the nozzle.  Most 12V diesel fuel transfer pumps will produce a flow rate of approximately 18-20 GPM at the nozzle.  This is making the assumption the plumbing system consists of approximately 30 feet of 1″ fuel transfer hose.

By making the transition from lower volume 12V or 115V fuel transfer pumps to the 1″ DUFPU1P, end users can effectively decrease their fill times by 78%.  If you choose to bump up to the, larger, DUFPU1.5P you can decrease fill times by 233%.

That is a serious cost savings when looking at the operational expenses of paying operators to wait around while large equipment fuel tanks are being filled.  If you are able to save 15 minutes of fill time, per fill, how much money does that save you in a week?  How about a month or a year?

Reduce waste, reduce cost, and increase efficiencies of your operation.  Bigger, faster, stronger is the name of the game and these Dultmeier fuel transfer pump units will help you achieve that status.

Either fuel pump transfer unit option, that we manufacture, is fitted with the MP Pumps PetrolMaxx 2″ self priming diesel fuel transfer pump.  These fuel pump transfer units are designed to safely handle diesel or bio-diesel fuels and significantly reduce operating expenses and improve the efficiency of your operation.

Product Demonstration

Our, larger volume, DUFPU1.5P boasts the following features:

  • PowerPro 6.5 HP manual start engine with C.A.R.B. rating.
  • MP PetrolMaxx 2″ self-priming cast iron pump with Type 21 Viton® mechanical seal designed for diesel fuel
  • Hannay spring rewind hose reel
  • Husky high flow automatic nozzle with swivel.
  • Cimtek 1-1/2″ 60 GPM fuel filter with 2-30 micron Hydrosorb elements,
  • 38′ of 1-1/2″ fuel transfer hose and Husky 1690 1-1/2″ high flow automatic nozzle.
  • Mounted on steel base plate (powder-coat finish)

Here is a video to help further display the unit.  Enjoy!