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How do I match my pump rotation?  This is a commonality that we address on almost a daily basis but many people do not understand how to accomplish this task.  At Dultmeier Sales we are glad to help out and explain over the phone or you can get your answer right her:

First off, let’s address how we look at a pump – the direction of rotation is always determined when FACING THE SHAFT.  Centrifugal pumps are available in two options, either Counter Clockwise (CCW) or Clockwise (CW).  To match the pump shaft with a drive shaft we always MATCH THE OPPOSITE ROTATION.

A gasoline engine will match up to a CW drive centrifugal pump.  A front tractor crankshaft PTO rotates in CCW direction and therefore must be mated to a CW centrifugal pump.  While a rear PTO shaft drive (CW rotation) application must be mated to a CCW pump.  This is somewhat counter intuitive to those new to the concept but a “standard drive” centrifugal pump will actually be CCW rotation. Therefore, a “reverse” drive pump is actually CW.

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Confused yet?  Check out Ace Pumps description for further clarification along with pictures.  A common symptom of not properly matching shaft rotation is no pressure generation by the pump.  We receive calls from people describing that their brand new pump won’t create any pressure and immediately point at the pump as the culprit.  More often than not, it’s not the pump’s fault – generally there is an application error or human error causing the issue.  In the scenario described above the first thing to confirm is that we have the correct pump shaft rotation matched with drive shaft choice.  More often than not, this is the root of the headache.  If you are still struggling give us a buzz and we will be happy to lend a hand.

 Matching Pump Rotation to Drive Units

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