Vapamore Steam Carpet Cleaner

Here’s the Problem

Ever wonder the benefits of using dry vapor for cleaning of carpeting in cars as opposed to sticking with the old fashioned hot water extractors?  Think about this for a minute – if you use a traditional wet method of cleaning (wet steam or hot water extractor) you are actually taking dirty water from the carpet and recycling it through the carpet.  Use dirty water to clean the dirty carpet???  Hmmmm…Let’s suggest another option.

How about this for a solution – use dry vapor (steam) to accomplish the task you really started out to conquer – actually cleaning the carpet!

We now partner with Vapamore steam cleaners.  Each Vapamore steam cleaner offers 100% natural and chemical-free cleaning to purify carpet in homes, businesses, or any other indoor surface in need of a deep clean.

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And Here is Your Solution

Vapamore has Italian roots and this is evident in their attention to detail.  In the Italian language, the word vapore means ‘steam’ and ‘amore’ means ‘love’ – therefore the name Vapamore literally translates into ‘love of steam’.  From handheld units all the way to heavy-duty commercial roller units – Vapamore quality is rivaled by none.

Furthermore, the company boasts a lifetime warranty on all products.  Vapamore feels that every owner of a Vapamore product is guaranteed top quality products and outstanding customer service – a large contributing factor into why we are now a proud distributor of Vapamore Steam Cleaners.  You love for your carpet to be thoroughly clean and we share that same feeling.

Potential Health Implications of Dirty Carpet

While shampoo and chemicals do get the job done, they can leave behind residue deep inside the carpet fibers – and create other headaches.  These headaches include health issues arising due to allergens that grow and increase their population within the carpet.

Furthermore, shampoo and chemicals can create hazards living condition for pets. Traditionally, shampoo and chemicals have been the go-to method for cleaning carpet.  But the residue left behind has been found to actually attract more dirt and debris.  Shampoo is a method of the past – steam is the new technique and it’s here to stay.

Rather than soaking and brushing debris and dirt from the carpet follicles steam literally blasts out dirt and debris by forcing hot air and water over and through the fabric.  Shampoo and chemicals do remove some of the dirt and debris – however, this method does also move dirt and debris around a floor.

Why Steam Over Shampoo?

Steam cleaning does not leave behind any residue to attract more dirt and debris.  Furthermore, a user does not have the added costs of chemicals and shampoos.  Nor does the user have to worry about multiplying allergens and creating hazardous living conditions for customers’ four-legged friends.

Steam cleaning works just as well as shampooing carpet – in many instances it actually performs better – and to reiterate – you don’t have to worry about the residue that is left behind by shampoo.  Stop by our website to learn more about Vapamore Steam Cleaners.  Remember if you want a true and deep clean for your carpet – choose Vapamore.  As always, thanks for stopping by.