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Cim-tek is at the head of the pack when it comes to filter technology.  The Cim-tek brand can be recognized in petroleum, industrial, agricultural, heavy-duty machinery/equipment, and biofuel markets.  Over the past 70 years, Cim-tek has continued to perfect their design and expertise in fluid filtration applications.  From water detection/removal products to top-of-the-line filtration efficiencies you will find it all when in need of a solution filter.


A. Richard Ayers developed a product named “Pre-Vent” in 1956.  The “Pre-Vent” is, essentially, a fill cap with a pressure/vacuum release that reduces the amount of evaporation in gasoline storage tanks.  Furthermore, the Pre-Vent helps maintain a higher quality of the stored fuel.  Think of it this way – you fill up a gas can at the station, put the cap back on, and put it in the back of your truck.  On the drive home, you hit a few bumps, take some sharp corners, and tap the brakes a little too hard at a stop sign and come to a jolting halt.  Then, when you arrive home you pick up the can and place it on your garage floor only to realize that the can is slightly bulging.  To alleviate this pressure you open the cap and an abrupt “pssssst” is exhausted from the can.

Cim-Tek Fuel Filter on FillRite Pump Cim-Tek Fuel Filter on John Deere

Even at rest, gasoline (or other solutions) will continue to build pressure inside of an air-tight vessel, tank, or storage container – unless you alleviate the pressure.  This is exactly what the Pre-Vent cap does – it alleviates pressure – without the need to remember and manually perform the task on a schedule.  Now back to the history lesson…

Richard needed a manufacturer to construct his new design so he founded Central Illinois Manufacturing Company (CIMCO) in Bement, Illinois.  Over 70 years later the Pre-Vent cap is still being manufactured by CIMCO.  Richard continued his research on fuel filtration – as requested by a large petroleum distributor.  In 1958, the “Clean-Flow” filter was introduced.  The Clean-Flow was followed by the “Gas-O-Line” series which is now known as the 200 Line Filter.  Later, down the road, CIMCO established the trademark name Cim-Tek Filtration.  The company continues to be operated as a family-owned business.

Cim-Tek Fuel Filter


Throughout the years, Cim-Tek continues to innovate their current product lines and research/develop new products.  However, to note that some of their original products are still industry leaders is remarkable.  It is a testament to the quality and the foresight of the engineering, design, and manufacturing of the original staples such as the Pre-Vent cap and the 200 Line Filter.  Filtration is a necessity in all markets across the world.  And you can bet that Cim-Tek intends to continue to be a worldwide leader in offering that necessity.

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