Intro to Tuthill

In this month’s Manufacturer of the Month highlight we showcase Fill-Rite.  The long-standing, reliable ‘Red Pump’ has been an industry staple for years.  When someone sees a red fuel pump in the field they quickly recognize the Fill-Rite brand.  Our primary connection with Fill-Rite is in the petroleum and fuel delivery industries that we serve.  Let’s dive a little deeper into the history of this wonderful brand.

The Inception of the Tuthill Gear Pump

The inception of this company dates all the way back to 1892 in Chicago, IL.  An industry dilemma of construction material supply sparked the creation of Tuthill Pump Company.  James B. Tuthill needed to come up with a way to efficiently transfer clay from deep in the quarries to supply the rapidly expanding Chicago urban development industry.  His invention to solve this supply issue was a steam-powered truck engine.

However, a critical component that truly paved the future for Tuthill was the small gear pump that injected fuel oil directly into the truck boiler.  As Tuthill refined the pump design he began to market it to companies that produced oil-fired boilers for use in residential and industrial heating.  Then, in 1927 the Tuthill Pump Company was formed by James B. Tuthill and Gary B. Tuthill.  The sole purpose of this venture was to manufacture and sell lube/oil burner pumps.  The Tuthill internal gear pump was widely accepted by the marketplace and opened the doors to what is the present-day Tuthill Corporation.

Fill-Rite – A Brand is Born

In 1961 Tuthill acquired Ossian Engineering Company.  This acquisition resulted in the introduction of the Fill-Rite brand of fuel and metering products.  Since the early 1960s the Fill-Rite brand has been a leader in the fuel/oil transfer industry.  Innovation, ruggedness, quality, and reliability are all synonymous with the Fill-Rite name.  Tuthill Transfer Systems broke ground on their state-of-the art production facility in Fort Wayne, IN in 1995.  This facility continues to serve as a world-class production facility, to this day.

Then, in 1998 the Fill-Rite brand was grown even further with the addition of Fluid Power Products, Inc.  While offering an extremely reliable and efficient way to move and transfer petroleum based products – more was deemed necessary.  It only made sense to offer an ancillary product line where the solutions could be accurately measured, in addition to being efficiently transferred.  Today, this product line is now known as Fill-Rite Precision Meters.  The expansion of the Fill-Rite brand extends the capabilities of fuel pumps by offering highly accurate weights and measurement metering systems.  You can view our manufacturer’s page on Fill-Rite meters here.

Innovation Continued in Fuel Delivery

This past year, Fill-Rite has continued to offer new products that ensure its name stays at the top of the pack in petroleum-based product transfer applications.  We want to point out the NX3200 Series pump with Nextec Intelligence.  This pump can be operated in either 12V or 24V DC with a continuous duty motor – the first of its kind.  This highly efficient pump produces 25 GPM with an extremely low amp draw.  Furthermore, Intelligent Tones inform operators when attention is needed.

NX3200 Nextec Fuel Pump Package

Innovation Continued in DEF Delivery

Furthermore, Fill-Rite has offered a new Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) delivery package in the past year.  The AdBlue Pump System allows for efficient transfer of DEF.  The bracket allows the pump to be mounted directly over a IBC shuttle valve on a cage tank.  This pump package can produce 8 GPM.  It is available in either 12V or 120V options.  You can view a 120V package here and a 12V package here.

Fill-Rite DEF Package

A long and fruitful relationship has allowed us to reach this point in our partnership and we are looking forward to many more years together.  You can view our Fill-Rite Pump page here to shop the various Fill-Rite pump products that we offer.  Fill-Rite meters can be viewed here.  We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this Manufacturer of the Month highlight and look forward to visiting in the future.

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