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Great Plains Industries, Inc. was founded in 1968. It is a privately held corporation that is highly respected across the globe for its high-quality fuel transfer pumps, flowmeters, fuel meters, and various industrial instruments for fluid transfer. The GPI name is known worldwide and a leader in the liquid handling markets they serve.

Markets Served by GPI Brands

GPI products are heavily used in the petroleum and oil transfer industries. Furthermore, they serve in agricultural, industrial, chemical handling, construction, mining, and many other markets. Great Plains Industries is home to the GPI, FLOMEC, and GRPO brands.

Where the Products are Made

Great Plains Industries’ products are produced in the heart of the Midwest – Kansas, USA. More than 200 employees help manufacture GPI products. In 2013, the company acquired Trimec Industries of Sydney, Austrailia. Trimec is one of the top Australian manufacturers of positive displacement oval gear, insertion, and impeller flow meters. Now, Trimec is named Great Plains Industries Australia. Both Great Plains Industries and Great Plains Industries Australia are recognized and known for rugged engineering and durability in its products throughout the continent of Austrailia, as well as, the United States of America.

Dultmeier Sales inventories and offers a wide array of GPI product lines. From rotary pumps to either 12V or 115V options to a multitude of meters. Additionally, we inventory some of the GPI oil and lube pumps.

GPI is headquartered in Wichita, KS and their strong work ethic is evident throughout a long-standing heritage – one that is committed to serving their customers and exceeding expectations. The business is family-owned, and this fact continues to play heavily into their customer-focus mentality.

Flexible Manufacturing System

Recently, Great Plains Industries has embarked on a number of manufacturing technology improvements. The Flexible Manufacturing System project, which was recently undertaken, has allowed the company to achieve greater efficiencies, production capacity, and higher quality control. CEO Vic Lukic stated, “Innovation is key for GPI and these capital investments create tremendous value for us as a supplier, but more importantly for our distributors and their customers.”

“We continually improve processes and examine new and better ways of producing our products,” said Jeff Methe, Operations Manager. By continually improving their processes, Great Plains Industries can ensure a commitment to improving efficiencies, reducing wastage, and lowering costs – all to better serve their customers around the world.

You can shop GPI products on or give us a ring Monday through Friday (7:30am to 5pm Central Time). Check out our GPI Manufacturer page right here. Enjoy!

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