Husky A Breed Apart

As we continue to grow in the petroleum/fuels industry we want to highlight a long-standing and well-respected partner in Husky.  We use many Husky nozzles in our own manufactured products such as our diesel transfer units.  Quality, assurance, and dedication are all fantastic descriptors of this wonderful company.

Husky has been serving the petroleum industry for over 70 years.  Husky has hung its hat on developing ground-breaking products such as American-made fuel nozzles, hoses, safe-t-breaks and accessories, and oil/lube products.  Extremely dependable customer service not only supports but compliments the Husky brand.  The company headquarters is in Pacific, Missouri which is in the surrounding St. Louis area.

Safety, Quality, Customer Loyalty, Team Building, and Productivity are the five pillars which Husky focuses on daily to ensure that the Husky brand exceeds expectations.  A constant recognition of the past helps keep this proven industry leader at the top.

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Shortly after World War II, Eugene Sutcliffe designed the first gas guard in his home.  The design originated to protect car exteriors from scratches when fueling.  Soon after this new product began to gain momentum Sutcliffe was designing fuel nozzles that would revolutionize the petroleum industry.

Sutcliffe traveled from gas station to gas station, across the country, selling his products out of the back of his car.  He was always accompanied by his dog – a husky.  He made it a point to bring his companion along on sales calls to portray the message of dependability, intelligence, and steadfast trustworthiness.  This is the unique story of how the brand logo, and company name, came to be.

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Roughly 70 years later Eugene’s son, Grenville, heads the company and continues the tradition that was long ago started by his father.  A tradition that embodies the admirable characteristics of a canine companion – dependability, loyalty, endurance, and trust.  Here is Grenville explaining one of Husky’s American-made nozzles.