Pentair - Hypro Shurflo

Hypro -Shurflo is actually a subsidiary of Pentair.  Pentair is a parent company that delivers industry-leading products and solutions all over the world, specifically in the liquid handling, thermal management, and equipment protection industries.  The Hypro name has been known and trusted for the last 65 years.

That being said Hypro has a product mix that is focused on higher end capacity flow applications.  Hypro was also the first company to come out with piston pumps originally used in the carwash industry.  The old dinosaur pumps of the early 1970s have evolved into the plunger and piston pumps of today’s market.  Hypro is also largely relevant within the Agricultural industry.  Sprayer pumps, transfer pumps, spray nozzles, strainers, fittings, and much more can all be found with the Hypro name stamped on them.

Recently, Hypro has come out with their ForceField pumps to help combat seal failure in centrifugal sprayer pumps.  It is designed with the mindset of a maintenance-free wet seal chamber.  The wet seal chamber is self-regulating and does not require the operator to monitor the pressure to ensure the pump seal is constantly engulfed in the lubricating fluid.  Hypro boasts the self-regulating and monitor-free design over competitors such as Ace Pumps and their Oasis wet seal design.