KZ Valve is based out of Ashland, NE and was started by two brothers Keith and Kevin Ziegenbein.  They two brothers created their first product, the Hydra-Halt, to be used on their family farm.  The Hydra-Halt was an instant success as it replaced manual valves on fertilizer applicators with a new hydraulic remote control.  Customers still preferred to have an electric valve.  At the time, existing electric valves were solenoid type – not as dependable of a valve type the market demanded.  Thus the electric ball valve was born – and KZCO was the first to introduce this new piece of equipment into the industry.

In 1982 the Electra-Halt was introduced.  It took four years of research to get to the product release and it was well worth the investment of time and resources.  The Electra-Halt revolutionized the industry and 10 years later in 1992 the Electra-Halt 2, or EH2 for short, was introduced.  Since the inception of the EH2, it has evolved into thousands of new valve types, sizes, motors and wiring options.

Then in 1997, the EH3 and QC3 were added.  This allowed KZCO to essential offer valve option configurations that touched the million mark.  Over the years, KZCO has continued to expand its product line and offerings.  Their engineering philosophy of “Form follows function, and price follows quality” continues to direct their overall goal to bring quality products to an ever-changing industry.  KZCO recently celebrated their 40th Year Anniversary in 2016 and plan to continue their commitment of excellence and quality for many years to come.  Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about this amazing manufacturer.