Mosmatic Undercarriage Cleaner

Mosmatic At a Glance

The journey to an assured future.  Look no further than Mosmatic Corporation.  The Switzerland-based company specializes in the manufacturing of high-pressure cleaning equipment. With over 40 years of experience, Mosmatic has the common sense knowledge to back up their revolutionary solutions which serve a wide range of industry issues.

The construction of a new facility in Bristol, WI has allowed Mosmatic to better penetrate the US market place.  From high-pressure swivels to rotary nozzles and carwash booms – all the way to roof cleaners and gum removers – this company offers just about everything you need to keep your business clean and looking pristine.  You can view our Mosmatic Manufacturer page here.  This is one of Mosmatic’s top videos – which clearly illustrates many of their product high-pressure cleaning offerings.

Hurricane Pro

The Hurricane Pro is highly popular.  Not only is one able to clean underneath vehicles but it also allows the user to pivot the spray deck.  This allows for multiple cleaning angles to get into tight crevices and blast debris free.  This adjustable angle feature allows for an “all-around” cleaning of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, fleet vehicles, boats, and the list could go on – you get the picture.  The Hurricane Pro is an extremely versatile undercarriage cleaner that is packaged into one sleek and high-quality model.  Shop Mosmatic Now.  This product can be used with either hot or cold water.

Technical Data
  • Maximum Pressure – 4000psi
  • Maximum Temperature – 250 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Inlet – 3/8″NPTF
  • Adjustable Spray Angles – 0 Degree to 90 Degree Spray Deck Adjustment

Here is a product-focused video on the Hurricane Pro.

High-Pressure Vehicle Washing

Mosmatic is also a staple name in the high-pressure vehicle cleaning industry.  From booms to swivels, spray guns, foaming products, and rotary wheel cleaners – Mosmatic offers just about everything one would need.  The Mosmatic Wheelblaster Pro is a highly effective and versatile solution for just about any style or type of vehicle.  Due to the nature of its design, there is no need to be extremely close to ensure a polished clean.

The water pressure actually turns the rotor arm – so as long as there is water pressure the rotor arm is spinning – no added motors are necessary.  Generally, the Mosmatic Wheelblaster Pro is found in automatic car wash facilities but this product can be used for buses and fleet vehicles, as well.

We hoped that you enjoyed this Manufacturer of the Month highlight.  Mosmatic is a wonderful company that is seriously concerned with the quality of their products.  No one says it better than their managing director, Patrick Rieben.  “For us Quality is not just a slogan, but the bench mark for our efforts, priorities and goals.”

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