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Powerblanket started in 2005 in Salt Lake City, UT.  The innovative technology developed by Powerblanket spreads heat while insulating, protecting, and maintaining uniform heat dispersion.  From tote, drum, and cylinder applications all the way to ground thawing and concrete blankets, Powerblanket has a solution for you.

Powerblanket Freeze Protection – designed to fit perfectly on wellheads, pipes, pumps, valves, manifolds, tanks, equipment and much more.  These products provide freeze protection all the way down to -40º F (-40º C).  Furthermore, Powerblanket products allow operators to prepare pipes for coating and/or welding – whereas without this technology they would have to wait until Mother Nature decides to bring more suitable conditions.

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The installation process of Powerblanket technology is much more efficient and cost-effective than a heat trace.  For example, a 20-foot section of heat trace could take up to six trained and specialized installers up to 10 hours to complete the installation.  This same 20-foot section of  Powerblanket could take two untrained workers as little as 20 minutes to install.  A key benefit of Powerblanket solutions is that they are pre-engineered to save the end user time and money.

Not only do you save money on installation costs but you could potentially save on major emergency thawing services.  In addition, you can eliminate the need to replace expensive valves/piping and the costly downtime that is associated with freezing.  Peace of mind is something that you just cannot put a price tag on.

Temperature Control

Powerblanket offers multiple sizes for drum heaters ranging from 15 gallon to 35 gallon and up to a standard 55 gallon drum.  The Pro series barrel heaters include thermostat controls.  Thus allowing the user to control the temperature from ambient up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, the sizes offered for totes or shuttles are 250 gallon, 275 gallon, 330 gallon, 450 gallon, and 550 gallon totes.

Let’s face it. If you have expensive product sitting in a non-temperature controlled environment – it’s only a matter of time before a container or multiple containers is not moved into a temperature safe environment and your product is lost to natural elements.  Don’t make that mistake.

Equal heat distribution.  Temperature controlled units.  Peace of Mind.

Here are some testimonials from current users of Powerblanket products:

“Powerblanket, your tote heater blankets have been wonderful to work with. Our Totes are outside and have been kept warm and protected from the harsh conditions here in the cold Rocky Mountains. We have loved the functionality of these blankets because they are extremely easy to wrap around our totes, strap shut, plug in, and maintain the desired temperature with the thermostatic controllers.

We have not had any issues with your blankets flaking, tearing, or ripping in any way, and have found it beneficial that they are water resistant as well. As the blankets have been prone to getting dirty, due to being outside, we have easily sprayed and wipe them down to help keep them clean and looking new. We wanted to thank you for assisting us with our heating frustrations and keeping our totes and the material within, warm and protected. You have helped keep our company running efficiently and retaining profit. We love your tote heaters and would recommend them to anyone.” – Eric – A Colorado Energy Company

“We are extremely satisfied with the change to Powerblanket barrel heaters. Powerblanket’s unique technology allows our containers of coatings and materials to be heated evenly and quickly, opposed to band heaters, which concentrate heat in one spot and can char product; sometimes contaminating the entire container and rendering it unusable.

Their barrel heaters protect the entire container from ambient conditions thus maintaining optimal operating temperature. In fact, our customers successfully operate in the extreme cold conditions of North Dakota in un-insulated trailers thanks to Powerblanket tote heaters. They use considerably less power than band heaters, have temperature control capability, and are a top quality product.” – Spray-Quip, Inc. Mike Roberts Manager – Howard Marten Fluid Technologies