Ag Chemical Mixing Systems

Mixmate Chemical Mixers & Inductors and Dash Center Mount & Rear Mount Units

Praxidyn's Mixmate and PhiBer's Dash chemical mixing systems from Dultmeier Sales. Both systems boast extremely fast loading and ease of use. Praxidyn's Mixmate includes a great deal of automation while PhiBer's Dash is mostly manual. According to customers, the Mixmate takes four to five minutes to load four to seven chemicals, while the Dash will take less than four minutes for four chemicals.

The Mixmate Chemical Mixing System streamlines mixing for a variety of chemicals. It does this through the heavy use of automation, removing as much operator input as possible to ensure consistently fast and accurate chemical mixing. The Mixmate includes several different systems, including the Fusion Inductor, Pro Inductor and the Mixmate Flow Single and Stack. Mixmate's automation is powered by the Intersect cloud service and utilized through an Android app. For more information on the Mixmate, view our manufacturer page.

PhiBer's Dash is not as automated as the Mixmate but still works towards the same goal: reduce fill times and keep sprayers in the field. The Dash has two separate systems, a rear mount and center mount Dash, which are mounted on different points of a trailer. Both include mostly the same parts, a water pump with a 13 HP Honda motor and an air diaphragm pump used for rinsing and dry product agitation, capable of 40 GPM. There is also a number of accessories available for the Dash. To read more about PhiBer's Dash, view our manufacturer page.