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ARIMITSU Pumps are high quality, Japanese-made plunger pumps featuring a long life and quiet, efficient design. Liquid cooled, low drag seals mean these pumps can run dry longer without damage. Stainless steel valves, precision ground ceramic plungers, forged brass heads and oversized crankshaft bearings are all standard features. Arimitsu pumps are available in low RPM pulley drive or higher speed, direct drive RPM models. Flows from 3.7 gpm to 23 gpm and pressures from 1500 to 2300 psi. Standard seals will handle temperatures to 175 Deg. F.

Dultmeier Sales carries a complete line of Arimitsu Pumps, Pump Oil, accessories and Arimitsu repair parts & kits. Above is a listing of some of the Arimitsu products carried by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our Arimitsu Product Catalog.

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