John Bean Pumps & John Bean Spray Guns

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John Bean Pumps are exceptionally designed and meticulously built out of the finest materials. They all have cast iron cases, positive-action disc-type hardened stainless steel valves, non-wearing ceramic cylinders for long life and corrosion resistance, heavy-duty oversized ball bearings and spring-loaded seals to keep oil in and dirt out. All working parts are totally enclosed and lubricated in an oil bath. Additionally, John Bean pumps require minimal maintenance and are easy to service.

John Bean Spray Guns are a must for shrubs, plants and tree care, and are adjustable from a fine mist for close-up work to a solid stream for tall or distant targets with a simple twist of the wrist.

Dultmeier Sales offers a complete line of John Bean pumps, spray guns, accessories, repair and replacement parts. Below is a listing of some of the John Bean products offered by Dultmeier Sales. For product details and to order, view our John Bean Product Catalog.

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