Jurop Vacuum Pumps

R260, PN & LC Series

Jurop Vacuum Pumps are high quality vacuum and pressure pumps used in applications such as septic tanks, portable toilets, municipalities, agriculture, industrial tank cleaning, stationary suction plants, and much more. Jurop manufactures a complete range of air cooled, air injected, water cooled, blower, and transfer pumps for virtually any application.

Dultmeier Sales carries Jurop Vacuum Pumps (R260, PN & LC Series) as well as Jurop Vacuum Pump/Tank Packages, Jurop Pump Oil and Vacuum Tank Accessories. Vacuum tank accessories include Oil Catch Mufflers, Manway Hatches, Primary Shutoffs, 3-Shaft Gear Boxes, Duckbill Nozzles, Secondary Shutoffs.

Below is a listing of JUROP Vacuum Pumps, Jurop Pump/Tank Packages and Vacuum Tank Accessories. For product details and to order, view our Jurop Vacuum Pumps Product Catalog.

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