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Located in Garden City, KS Palmer Tank has been a notable name within the fiberglass & steel tank industry for many years. Their long-standing reputation for a reliable fiberglass tank is rivaled by few. Palmer fiberglass and/or steel tanks of all sizes and specifications can be ordered through Dultmeier Sales – please call for pricing. Information we will need includes but is not limited to the following: tank capacity (gallons), inlet/outlet port size and configuration (flange/NPT), product to be stored inside the tank (specific gravity if available), manway size. Fiberglass tanks have an average life expectancy of 20–30 years. Compare that to the average life expectancy of poly tanks (10–15 years) and you can see the added benefits of fiberglass tanks. From energy storage to fertilizer storage all the way to food/beverage applications we can help you find a solution.

Fiberglass vs Poly Tanks:
  • Fiberglass offers greater longevity – roughly twice the lifespan of poly
  • Whereas a polyethylene tank can potentially swell three to four percent over its lifespan a fiberglass tank has an extremely low co-efficient of expansion
  • An internal slope bottom can be installed in fiberglass tanks which allows for complete drain out
  • There is design freedom with fiberglass tanks that allows one to install accessories anywhere on the tank versus flat areas only on polyethylene tanks
  • Hold–down systems can easily be supplied on fiberglass tanks to allow for anchoring to protect against wind shear and seismic activity
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Please, call us at 1-800-228-9666 for pricing or further information.

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