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PhiBer Manufacturing, Inc.

Dash Tender System

PhiBer Manufacturing, founded in 1996 by Philip Friesen, began as a manufacturer of commercial hay tools. Friesen, who had spent 20 years as a dairy farmer, recognized the need for more efficient harvesting of hay while still maintaining quality. Along with a skilled machinist, Harvey Bergen, Friesen released his first product: the Strawboss. The product was extremely effective, bringing a crew of 33 down to 2 and tripling productivity. PhiBer continues to design innovative equipment made to solve problems.

PhiBer's Dash Tender System was designed for two purposes; one, to reduce fill times, and two, to keep chemicals separated. The Dash comes with a high flow water pump and an air diaphragm pump. The water pump, with an attached 13HP Honda motor, allows for quick loading of multiple products, while the air diaphragm pump is used for auto rinsing and the agitation of dry products. This design allows operators to load multiple products ahead of time for quicker sprayer loading. Once connected to a sprayer, an operator can load up to four products in under four minutes for a 1,200 gallon sprayer. In addition, whenever unloading chemicals the Dash automatically rinses the inductor using a patented nozzle inside the tank.

During operation, an operator would stand on the side of a trailer and operate four handles. Each handle corresponds with an inductor. As a handle is pulled, two valves open. A valve at the bottom of the tank uses suction to unload chemicals, while a second valve rinses the inductor out during unloading. The rinsing prevents chemical buildup in the container. The inductors can unload product in roughly 15 seconds.

There are two basic Dash configurations, a center mounted design and a rear mounted design:

Center Mount Dash

Center Mount Dash

Designed to be mounted on a flat deck trailer, the center mount Dash features an air diaphragm pump for auto rinsing and a water pump for chemical transfer. A number of products are designed to compliment the center mount Dash.

Rear Mount Dash

Rear Mount Dash

This Dash design features everything the center mount Dash does, but uses a different frame. The rear mount Dash includes tail/turn lights, a flip down work platform and a license plate holder.

Dultmeier Sales offers both the center mount and rear mount Dash Tender System, as well as a number of accessories. For product details and to order, view our PhiBer Product Catalog.


Phiber Center Mount Base Unit 2.0 (Gallon)

Phiber Center Mount Base Unit 2.0

  • The Dash 2.0 features 95 gallons of storage, with one 65 gallon tank and one 30 gallon tank.
Phiber Center Mount Base Unit 4.0 (Gallon)

Phiber Center Mount Base Unit 4.0

  • The Dash 4.0 features 190 gallons of storage, with two 65 gallon tanks and two 30 gallon tanks.
Phiber Rear Mount Base Unit (Gallon)

Dash Rear Mount Unit

  • The Rear Mount Dash was built to be mounted on the back of a tanker, flat deck or grain box.
  • Standard with a 40 GPM air pump and a 13HP Hypro pump with Honda engine.
Cage Tote Platform, 5 and 6 ft High

Dash Cage Tote Platforms

  • Built to keep pallets of boxes in place and contained during transport.
  • Available in five or six foot height configurations.
  • Loaded from either end.
Center Mount Dash Tote Platform 4.0

Dash Center Mount Tote Platform

  • Mounted to the Dash, these tote platforms are designed to store totes above inductor tanks.
  • They can then be filled with product, and drained with gravity - no pumps needed.
  • Gravity sold separately.
Delivery Boom

Delivery Booms

  • Boom Kits mounted to the Dash, with around 28' of extension.
  • Included are a boom cradle and quick release handle.