Duct & Rail Heating Systems

The perfect system to eliminate freeze problems in your Self-Serve supply ducts. Can also be used to prevent ice buildup on overhead track/rail assemblies on Automatic wash systems.

Warm Water is circulated from a water heater through a piping loop in the duct or rail and then back to the heater. The heater is activated by a thermostat sensing outside air temperature. Available with either Gas or Electric water heaters.

Rail / Duct Heating Kits include:
  • Gas Water Heater with a 30 gallon tank or Electric Water Heater with 6 gallon tank
  • Expansion Tank
  • Transfer Pump
  • Outdoor Thermostat
  • Pressure Relief Valve.

Gas water heaters are rated at 32,000 BTU. Electric models are rated at 6000 watts and 240 Volt.

It is recommended that 1/2" copper tubing and valves be used for the loop in the ceiling and 3/4" from the heater and tank to the ceiling loop. (Note: These materials are not provided and must be ordered separately.)
Item Description Quantity Availability

Unit Price: $1,127.00/EA


Unit Price: $1,294.00/EA


Unit Price: $890.00/EA