Freezeless Knife

for 3/8" EVA / Rubber Hose, Welded Point

Shield NH3 Knives Will Stand Up to Some of the Harshest Soil Types Out There!

Shield Agricultural Equipment offers some of the highest quality knives on the market. With more chromium per ounce, you can rest assured that Shield knives will stand up to some of the harshest soil types out there. 26% Chrome carbide wear surface and 5160 chromium-manganese shanks deliver rugged and proven results. More chromium means greater longevity - plain and simple. That means less down time replacing broken and worn knives on your tool bar and more time in the field. If you want quality knives - then look no further than Shield Agricultural Equipment.

No steel tubes used. The ammonia transfer line from the splitter or divider (EVA or rubber hose) is used and ran through the "tube saver". If crimped and drilled tube is desired there is an adapter available. If application calls for open end tubes - nothing more is required. There is no steel for the product to come in contact with, thus reducing heat transfer and the possibility of freezeups in wet conditions. Freezeless knives are available with welded or replaceable pin-on points. Knife platforms available in freezeless options include K-4T, DF-1PM and K-2T.

"3 times the amount of run time with the DF-1PMPOF and double with the DF-1PM over the B33. Shield offers an all-around great knife." - Brian Chamberlain - Nutrien in Manlius, IL
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Customer Photos courtesy of Mark Baldwin - Evergreen FS - McLeon, IL.
"Shield Freezeless knives after approximately 4,000 acres. Still holding a solid edge."