MixMate Pro Chemical Inductor

Portable or Stationary Ag Chemical Mixing System

Mixmate Features:
  • Automated Recordkeeping Saves Time in the Field and the Office
  • Mixmate is Cloud Connected for Data Backup and Office Access
  • Factory Calibrated Scales and Flowmeters Rated at +/-0.5% Error
  • Modular System Components, Easily Expanded with CAN Bus Connections
  • Spray Tender Trailer and Stationary Installations
  • Combine Weight and Flow Measurement Options for Speed and Versatility
  • Load a 1200 Gallon Sprayer in 4 to 5 Minutes According to our Customers

Mixmate Pro Inductor
  • All Stainless Design
  • Measure up to 6 Bulk Products by Weight
  • Most Unique Jug Rinse in the Industry
  • Drain, Weigh, Record, and Rinse from a Jug - 12 Seconds
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Tanks and Trailers Are Not Included

Additional Information

How Mixmate compares to other systems and other interesting facts:
  • A Mixmate Flow Stack with six inputs and water control is roughly equivalent to a QuickDraw Max at half the price.
  • AGCO aggregated data from sprayers...26% of engine hours are spent spraying. A 20% improvement, or saving 10 minutes of loading time, would reduce sprayer operating costs by $0.80 per acre.
  • The Mixmate Flow Stack only takes 2.2 square feet of floor space.
  • The flowmeters or scales do not need to be calibrated.
  • Saving 10 minutes of loading time boosts sprayer productivity 20%
  • A 1200 gallon sprayer is 31% more productive than an 800 gallon sprayer with a 32% higher cost and a $93,000 difference.
  • A 600 gallon sprayer loading in 5 minutes is nearly as productive as a 1200 gallon sprayer loading in 20 minutes and costs $126,000 less
  • The Mixmate inductor is the only system capable of measuring directly from jugs with automated records and fast processing.
  • Compare the Mixmate Flow to other systems. The Mixmate Inductors add features beyond any other system at any price.

"Two things: it's exact. No system I've seen can come even close to the same level of accuracy. Which leads to second point, it's stress free. Fully automatic calculations and mixing make loading the sprayer a dream. Push a button and it's done. I'll never mix manually again, ever!" -Jason Kieser, Farmer and Tech Advisor