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Dash Center Mount Base Unit 2.0

The Dash Tender System from Phiber has two primary objectives: Keep the sprayer in the field spraying by drastically reducing fill times. Secondly, keep chemicals separated. The system is designed in a modular fashion which allows customers to pick and choose their own variations in order to better accommodate their specific operational needs.

This is a volumetric system in the sense that there are no meters, scales, or other measuring devices involved to measure inputs. Chemicals are gravity fed into the poly cone inductors and the operator closes the chemical input valve once the desired graduation is met on each specific product inductor tank. Inductors can be supplied with a jug knife to further speed the process of hand-add jugs or bags of granular product. Furthermore, every inductor tank is automatically rinsed down after each unload. Thus, reducing the chances for cross chemical contamination.

Pull handles allow the operator to completely load the sprayer from the ground. The three-inch transfer pump (engine driven) draws from the carrier tank. Once the operator is ready, they can open each desired product inductor to evacuate the tank. Since the inductors are plumbed on the suction side of the bulk transfer pump the product is drawn out, mixed in with the carrier agent, and then transferred to the sprayer. An air-powered diaphragm pump is used for jug rinsing, inductor rinsing, and getting dry chemicals into suspension. Furthermore, it allows the operator to hand spray and wash down inductors for easy cleanout.

  • 4.0 DASH Rear Mount
  • 4.0 DASH Center Mount
  • 2.0 DASH Center Mount

Standard Equipment:
  • Two 65 Gallon Inductors
  • Two 30 Gallon Inductors
  • 13 HP Honda Engine with Electric Start Coupled to a Poly Hypro 3" Transfer Pump
  • Air Diaphragm Pump
  • 3" Plumbing

Optional Equipment:
  • Center Mount Tote Platform
  • 5 ft. High Cage with Tote Platform
  • 6 ft. High Cage with Tote Platform
  • Boom Kit with Latch
  • Premium Hose Kit for Boom
  • Manifold Assembly 3 Tank Manifold Assembly with 3", 4", & 6" Fill Ports
  • 3" Deck Bulkhead
  • 3" Flow Meter
  • Jug Knife
  • Side step Assembly
  • Raised Work Platform
  • Trailer
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