Biodiesel Hose (B100) "Stallion"

This hose will handle B100 Biodiesel in constant contact applications. It will also handle a variety of acids and chemicals (ask for listing). Full Suction & Discharge: 200 PSI W.P. thru 2"; 150 PSI on 3" & 125 PSI on 4".

Temperature Range: -40° F. to 300° F, depending on chemical.

Tube: Teflon or Neoflon backed with Gatron™ (modified XLPE)

Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile with steel wire helix.

Cover: EPDM. Blue corrugated with red spiral stripe. Use permanent couplings. 20' minimum.
Item Description Quantity Availability  
Sold in 20' Increments only.

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