Oil Only Sorbent Pads

Spills Happen, Be Prepared!

82004 OIL ONLY Sorbents are for hydrocarbon based spills, will not absorb water. Can be used for indoor or outdoor spill cleanup and even on opent water. Oil Only Sorbent pads come in a box of 100 (15" x 18") pads. Color is white. Meltblown construction floats if needed.

Absorbent Products are ideal for spill cleanup. Used to soak up leaks, drips or spills. Available in pads, rolls, socks or spill kits. Designed for cleanup of oil, water, grease, coolants, diesel fuel and many other fluids. Ideal for manufacturing areas, chemical storage facilities, operations using hydraulic fluids, warehouse storage, etc. Use of these products helps your business conform with OSHA spill and cleanup regulations.
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