Screens, Stainless for Paget Strainers

These replacement strainer screens are designed to fit into Paget Ductile Iron Strainers for NH3 or LPG. Installing a strainer in a plumbing system it ensures the protection of pumps, valve seats, and elastomers within that plumbing system. Foreign objects can be sharp and damage a variety of internal sealing components inside a given plumbing system.

Proper strainer sizing not only ensures protection of equipment but also doesn't decrease the system flow rate, substantially. We want to ensure that you are protecting your plumbing system without compromising your flow rates.

The size of the screen itself is derived from the size of the strainer body. If the strainer body is 1" then the strainer screen will be sized as 1". The other metric one must be aware of is the screen perforation size. In this instance, we offer .024" perforation all the way up to a 20-mesh screen.

Keep in mind when strainer screens are referred to in "mesh" measurements – the number referenced is the count of holes per square inch. Therefore, in the example above a 20-mesh strainer screen has 20 holes per square inch. In conclusion, a strainer that is 20-mesh will allow larger solids through the screen openings than a 50-mesh strainer would. More holes per square inch means smaller openings – smaller openings the finer the solution is strained – and the finer the solution is strained the greater the impact on flow rate reduction.
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