Solid Separator, Stainless, 1-1/2" MPT, 45-70 GPM

Sand / Fine Solids Separator

LAKOS Centrifugal-Action Separators are designed to remove sand, grit and other fine solids from source water systems. Removes up to 98% of 200 mesh, (74 micron) particles and larger. For heavier solids like metal chips, even better results can be expected. Unique design has no moving parts and does not require screens or filters to be cleaned or replaced.

Available in Carbon Steel (ILB) and Stainless Steel (ILS) construction. Separators must be periodically purged and manual or automatic purging systems matched to specific applications are also available. Purging can be done during operation with no loss of performance.

Flow rates to 290 GPM. Pressures to 150 PSI. Low pressure loss 5-12 PSI. Rated for solids from 50 to 200 mesh. Purge ports is 3/4" MPT on all models.
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Unit Price: $1,456.00/EA