Photo-Electric Eye Sensor Set Complete

24 Volt DC

Includes Amplifier, Transmitter, Receiver, Cables & 11-Pin Replacement Socket

TELCO, Thru-Beam, Electric Eye Sensors for the Car Wash Industry. With special sealing design, these units are ideal for use in high humidity environments such as Conveyor or Automatic Car Wash systems. Designed to handle vibration, alignment, moisture and sunlight without affecting performance.

Complete units are made up of a transmitter, receiver, amplifier and cables. Different voltages are available to meet your specific needs. Thru-beam operation works up to 115'. Individual replacement items are also available. Standard with 50' cables. Amplifiers fit standard 11-Pin sockets. (The transmitter and receiver can also be mounted in parallel to form a proximity system if required. Range is only 3 meters in proximity applications).
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Unit Price: $286.00/EA

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