Lithonia Conversion Kits

LED Conversion Kits are designed to upgrade old style metal halide fixtures to new age LED Lighting. No more changing out bulbs and ballasts which saves on annual maintenance. Significant energy savings due to lower wattage for same light output, some customers have seen up to 40% savings. Higher quality, beautiful light and color. Rated for 100-260 volts.

Kits are designed for easy change out in LIthonia wall packs. 5 Year Warranty. Certified for use in outdoor environments.

  • 30 Watt Kits have 3,000 Lumen output equal to 100 watt metal halide.
  • 50 Watt Kits have 5,500 Lumen output equal to 175 watt metal halide.
  • 80 Watt Kits have 8,500 Lumen output equal to 250 watt metal halide.
Part No. Description Wt. Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
MHRK30L Lithonia LED Retrofit Kit, 30 Wattage, 3,000 Lumen 0.00 lbs. $285.00 Call
MHRK50L Lithonia LED Retrofit Kit, 50 Wattage, 5,500 Lumen 0.00 lbs. $285.00 Call
MHRK80L Lithonia LED Retrofit Kit, 80 Wattage, 8,500 Lumen 0.00 lbs. $315.00 Call
Cost Savings Example:

$0.15 KwH electricity Cost, Replace 175W Metal Halide with 50W LED Kit
MH Annual Electricity Costs: $114.98
LED Annual Electricity Costs: $ 32.85
Annual Electricity Savings: $ 82.13

Plus no annual bulb or ballast changes.

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