"Orange Peel" Coupling Guard for Motor Frames 182T thru 286TS

OSHA - ANSI - ASME Approved

Type MCG Polyethylene Guards
• Hinged Access for Easy Maintenance
• Durable High Impact Polyethylene
• (3) Sizes: 5, 15, 25
• Diameters to 9.63" (245mm)
• Molded Safety Orange (Yellow & White are Available)
• Molded ANSI Warning Labels
• -40 Deg. F to 170 Deg. F (-40 C to 77 C)
• Maximum RPM is 3600

Orange Peel's patented trim-and-fit design revolutionizes equipment guard convenience and value, so you can get the job-site safety you want without the expense and long lead times of custom engineered guards. Because Orange Peel guards are sized to your overall application, they can be installed in 3 easy steps: make 3 simple measurements; using dimensioned trim lines; make quick trim cuts, then simply fit the hardware. In less than an hour, Orange Peel can have you up and running.

3-Year Heavy-Duty Warranty. Orange Peel is backed by the industry's first standard 3-year warranty, providing full protection.
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Unit Price: $103.75/EA

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Safety Comes First. Orange Peel guards comply with OSHA, ASME, and ANSI standards. Very few guards do! Look for a Safety Orange guard, gaps no greater than .250" (6mm) and ANSI Z535.4 compliant warning labels.

Maintenance Convenience Saves Time & Money. Orange Peel's hinged guards open quickly by removing fasteners and "peeling" open the guard halves for coupling inspection and maintenance. Made of high impact polyethylene plastic, the same material used in truck bed liners, is extremely tough and durable. Supplied in solid Safety Orange (Yellow & White Available). Orange Peel guards are ideal for harsh environments and virtually eliminate all guard maintenance.

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