#9 S-Flex Coupling Sleeve (1 Required)

Coupling Sleeve for the #8 Lovejoy S-Flex Coupling Assembly: Used for loads to 50 HP @ 1750 RPM or 100 HP @ 3500 RPM. Bore sizes 3/4" to 1-7/8".

A complete assembly requires two flanges and one sleeve. Specify bore size. See related items below for flanges.

Designed to provide equipment protection against misalignment, vibration and shock loads. The S-Flex coupling will provide for an alignment error of 1 degree angular and 32/1000 parallel. S-Flex Couplings would generally be used in larger horsepower applications where the "L" Style Coupling does not provide the necessary protection or alignment flexibility. The B Flanges are cast iron. The Type E EPDM Sleeve is a two piece style with retaining ring. Fixed bore sizes.
Item Description Quantity Availability
Expected to ship
Between 12/13 & 1/2
Use 10B/10E & S-K Bushings for larger shaft sizes.