Credit Card Swiper ONLY

A simple and economical way to accept Credit Cards in your Bays, Vacuums, Auto Cashiers, Pet Washes or Vending Machines.

As simple as drilling holes and mounting the swipers to your meters and vacuums. Swipers use a secure, wireless connection to the data coordinator (#CB11CR, sold separately) in your equipment room. The coordinator can verify information from up to 50 swipers per location and then sends the encrypted data via internet service to your card service/processor.

Swipers combine power supply, control and technology electronics in each unit. Push button features allow customers to stop when they wish or add time without additional card swipe. Lighted LED feature on all swipers show customers direction to swipe.

Accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Systems can be set in the field for count up or count down mode which allows you to charge for time in the way that best suits your business. Designed for USA Domestic use only.

NOTE: CryptoPay Swiper, One required for each bay. Vacuum, auto cashier or pet wash.
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Unit Price: $398.00/EA

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Additional Information

ALL IN ONE: Every CryptoPay swiper combines the power supply, control and CryptoNet technology electronics into a single unit.

SIMPLE: A single CryptoNet Coordinator supports all of your POS units and simply connects to your internet service.

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