Thread Sealant for Stainless Steel, 250ML

For Stainless Steel

The best thread sealer for Stainless Steel fittings.

Loctite® will stop gas and fluid leaks on all metals: Stainless, forged, galvanized, iron, cast, copper and brass. Used for most liquid applications on industrial acids, solvents, chemicals, gases and steam. Resin is Methacrylate Ester.

Temperature range is -65 Deg. F. to 400 Deg. F. Rated to 1,000 PSI; however, laboratory tests on 1/2 NPT fittings have been leak-free to 10,000 PSI. Cure time above 60 Deg. F. is 4 hours on 1" fittings - longer on larger diameter fittings. To accelerate the cure time you must use Locquick Primer N764 at low temperatures or larger diameters. (Primer not recommended on stainless.)
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