Float Tank Ice Prevention System

Ice Bull Automatic Ice Prevention System is built to stand up to the harsh temperatures and physical punishment of livestock watering during winter. Thermo-activated water station delivers low maintenance durability you can count on.

Engineered to automatically open when water temperatures drops below 42° F. When Ice Bull sensor valve opens, .20 GPM of warmer supply water bypasses the float valve and flows into the tank through the discharge hose. When tank water temperature rises, the thermo valve shuts. Kit includes 3/4" brass water level float valve that operates independently from the thermo valve for maintaining water level in tank.

Rated to 100 PSI. Brass construction with buna seals. Kit includes 3/4" float valve, Ice Bull thermo valve and discharge hose with fittings. (Note: Float rods and floats are not included as many option exist). R380 brass rod and swivel allows float balls to move in tank to help prevent damage from nuzzling.
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