Spring Balance Load Arms

Loading arms make tank filling easy and efficient because positioning the tanker is less critical. The arm can easily be moved horizontally and vertically. The J32F is a complete load arm assembly with "EZ Adjust" torsion spring balance, link collar, lockdown, swivel joint and stainless pipe and elbow with 4' drop hose and stainless splash deflector. Flanged inlet connection. Flow limits: 350 GPM on 3", 600 GPM on 4". Locks in any of 3 positions between horizontal and 15 below horizontal. Also swivels around vertical axis (double plane swivel).

Standard fitted with a epoxy-coated (inside) ductile iron swivel with Teflon seals.

"Upfeed right-hand" standard (upfeed left-hand also available).
"EZ Adjust" spring balances are included in all models. (See "E-Z Adjust block below).
Part No. Description Wt. Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
DUJ32F-3 Load Arm Assembly, 3" x 10', EZ Adjust 180.00 lbs. OPW Engineered Systems $4,646.00 *Call
DUJ32F-312 Load Arm Assembly, 3" x 12', EZ Adjust 190.00 lbs. OPW Engineered Systems $4,697.00 *Call
DUJ32F-4 Load Arm Assembly, 4" x 10', EZ Adjust 260.00 lbs. OPW Engineered Systems $5,283.00 *Call
DUJ32F-412 *Load Arm Assembly, 4" x 12',EZ Adjust 270.00 lbs. OPW Engineered Systems $5,347.00 *Call
* EZ Adjust spring balance not included.

Additional Information

The 790 EZ Adjust Spring Balance allows a full range of adjustments with a 5/8" socket wrench. Eliminates the adjustment problems when load arms are used with different discharge heights. Available in A/B/C spring weights for different length load arms.

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