"XRC" Extended Range Nozzle Assembly, Polymer

110°, .025 Orifice, Stainless Insert

With VisiFloŽ Color Coding

XRC Extended Range Nozzle & Spray Tip Combination TeeJets: Best selection for Pre-Emergence Surface Applied Herbicides at 20-30 psi or Post-Emergence Systemic Herbicides at 15-20 psi. Can also be used for Post Emergence Contact Herbicides at 30-60 psi or Pre-Plant incorporated products at 15-20 psi. Maximum temperature is 125 Deg. F.

XRC Tips have excellent pattern distribution at 15-60 psi. Drift is minimized at lower pressures and coverage is good at high pressure. Available in 80 or 110 degree patterns.

VS Tips: Sizes 1 through 8 are color-coded with a stainless insert.
Part No. Description Wt. Mfg. Price Qty. Status Pkg. Discount
SSXRC110025VS XRC Extended Range Nozzle Assembly, Polymer, 110°, .025 Orifice, Lavender, Stainless Insert, EPDM Gasket 0.03 lbs. TeeJet / Spraying Systems $4.80 In Stock 10% on 50

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Technical Information on Spraying Solutions other than Water (New Method)

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