AI Air Induction Even Flat Spray Tip, Polymer

95, .015 Orifice, Stainless Insert

50 Mesh Screen

Ideal for banding over the row or in row middles, these aspirating nozzles will do an excellent job of reducing drift on broadcast applications. Fluid flow pulls air into the nozzle through the air induction ports where it mixes with the spray fluid in a mixing chamber. The result is air filled droplets that are larger than normal, which are less subject to drift. As these drops burst on the target they explode on impact into many small droplets providing good coverage and penetration. Pressure Range is 30 - 115 PSI.
For pre emerge herbicides minimum pressure is 40 psi, for posting chemicals use 80 psi or higher.

VS Models feature a color coded polymer body with stainless tip insert.

Use with CP25597 QuickJet Caps. Tapered edge, flat spray pattern.
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To find GPA rate on band widths, multiply the tabulated GPA for ROW SPACING by conversion factors.

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Technical Information on Spraying Solutions other than Water (New Method)

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