Coin / Bill / Credit Card / Token Meter, Digital Readout for Dog Washing System

Digital Readout

Heavy-duty stainless steel coin meters with removable front doors for easy access. Standard with stainless steel security bar for extra protection on coin drawer models. Available with either built-in coin drawer or less coin drawer to be used with vault/safe systems. Timers are only included on Digital or Last Alert models, please specify on other models.

Standard Features:
  • Screw-style lock for coin drawers
  • 8-position or 10-position rotary switches
  • Stainless steel security bars for lower coin drawer
  • Mechanical or Electronic multi-coin mechanisms
  • Cam-style lock for upper lid
  • Recessed and hinged upper lid
  • 24 volt running light
  • Plug-in wiring harness
  • Function Decals
  • 12 gauge construction
  • 1000 Quarter capacity in coin drawer models
  • Dimensions: 8" wide x 11" High x 5-7/8" Deep.
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