Drum Pump for Acids & Alkalies, 110 Volt

Pump Pack #2 for Corrosive Acids and Alkalies Pump tube is Polypropylene, wetted parts are Polypropylene, Carbon and Hastelloy. Common chemical transfer includes Hydrochloric Acid to 20%, Nitric Acid to 20%, Acetic Acid, Alkalies, Sulfuric Acid and other products compatible with wetted parts. Viscosities to 1500cps. Rated to 15 GPM based on water. Rated to 130° F.

STANDARD PUMP Drum Pumps are a seal-less centrifugal design that are designed for the transfer of difficult chemicals and liquids from drums, totes and tanks. This wide range of pumps are ideal for Agriculture, Automotive, Plating, Chemical Packaging, Waste Water Treatments, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum and many more.

Pump Packs include

  • Motor
  • 39" Pump Tube (47", 60" & 72" also available)
  • Transfer Hose
  • Bung Adapter
  • Transfer Nozzle
  • Storage bracket.

Note: Motors are 1-Phase, 50/60 hz, 110 or 220 volt.
Item Description Quantity Availability

Unit Price: $1,041.00/EA