Corken® Coro-Vane® Pump / Motor Units for LPG & NH3

CORKEN® base mounted pumps are complete with base, V belt drive assembly and beltguard, 3 PH TEFC motor. Pumps are standard with FPT bolt-on flanges. Use 1-1/4" relief valve on 521/522 pumps; 2" on 1021/1022 pumps.

Coro-Vane® is a positive displacement pump line that is designed for stationary applications at bulk plants.

  • Only CORKEN® Coro-Vane® pumps have heavy duty roller bearings for longer service life. The bearings are interchangeable in all sizes of Coro-Vane® pumps.
  • All parts, including the hydraulically self-adjusting blades, are easily accessible for inspection or replacement without disturbing the piping.
  • Models 521 and 1021 have a built-in internal relief valve (external relief valve still recommended).
  • Bolt On FPT flanges of ductile iron save money by eliminating pipe unions and also simplify installation. Steel slip on welding flanges also available.
  • Maximum differential pressure: 125 PSI. Also see chart below. (Max. casing pressure: 400 PSI).
  • Use Valvoline high temperature grease only. 1/2 Stroke per year.

RPM: 420 - 950
-25˚F to 225˚F
521: 2" x 2"
1021: 3" x 3"
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