Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump / Hydraulic Motor Units (750 Series)

Oasis Wet Seal Technology

The Only Pumps Engineered with Today's Demanding Spray Requirements in Mind!


• Suction 300 Series Flange
• Discharge 220 Series Flange
• High Performance Pump: Maximum Flow is 290 GPM & Maximum Pressure is 150 PSI
• Wet Seal Design: Prevents Run Dry Failures & Isolated Seals from Chemicals & Fertilizer
• Maximum Reliability:
• Operates at Lower RPM
• Oversized Bearings
• High Efficiency 4000 PSI Gear Motor
• Run-Dry Wet Seal Design

2-Year Warranty on Pump & Hydraulic Motor

(Severe duty and "wet" run dry seal are available)

Additional Information

Pump Reliability:
• Oasis™ Wet Seal operates in Barrier Fluid Eliminating Run Dry & Abrasion Failures. Pressurized Barrier Fluid prevents Chemical Contact with Seal.
• E-Coat Protection on all castings for Excellent Corrosion Protection.
• Suitable for Many Fertilizer & DeIcing Salt Solutions.

Hydraulic Motor:
• 4,000 PSI Maximum Pressure.
• Five Dedicated Motor Bearings.
• Integrated Anti-Cavitation Check.

• Flanged Ports for Maximum Flow - 300 Series Suction x 220 Full Port Discharge. (750 & 850 Series)

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