Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, Stainless Steel

3/4" FPT Ports, 32 GPM, Teflon Diaphragm

Air-Powered, Double-Diaphragm Pumps. Ideal for pumping tire chemicals in CTA units, wheel brite chemicals or bug cleaner products. Unique, simple, safe. These pumps will handle practically anything that will flow. Multi-purpose pumps are available for almost every plant in every industry. Abrasive and corrosive fluids can be handled without problems.

• Rated to 140° F to 212° F depending on body and diaphragm type.
• Air supply range from 20 to 70 PSI.

For higher temperatures or other compatibility requirements, Stainless Steel bodies and sizes up to 3" are also available. Please call 1-888-677-5054 for information & pricing.
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Above pumps should always have a filter / regulator on the air supply line.

Additional Information

Air Driven-Intrinsically Safe. Air drive allows you to be free from electrical hazards or explosion-proof motor requirements.

Excellent Wear Resistance & Minimum Maintenance. Without moving parts in contact with the liquids or rotating parts to wear, the pump is almost maintenance free.

Self-Priming, Dry Start. Completely self-priming. Also, if liquid source runs dry, the pump can continue to operate without damage from overheating or friction wear until further liquid is available.

Flow Control. Infinitely variable flow control can be regulated by simply opening or closing a valve on the discharge, or by increasing or decreasing the air supply.

High Lift and Distance Transfer. Because pumps are designed at a 1:1 ratio, discharge pressures are equal to the air inlet pressure. Maximum pressure is approximately 70 PSI on the Poly pumps.

Versatile Material Handling. Product capabilities range from clear water to highly viscous, abrasive or aggressive materials.

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