Variable Frequency Drives Group

Variable Frequency Drives help to elongate the life of a pump motor. A VFD allows the end-user to manipulate the speed at which the motor turns. Therefore, if their application only calls for the motor to run at 75% capacity, they can set this through their VFD and prolong the life of the motor and reduce energy consumption costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Run Dry Detection
  • Flow Compensation/Sleep Mode
  • 2 Step Ramps (initial ramp)
  • Pipe Fill Mode
  • Built-in Motor Alternation Feature
  • No/Low Flow Detection
  • End of Pump Curve Detection
  • Pump Cascade Controller
  • Temperature Range: 37° F. to 122° F.
  • Up to 3,250 Ft. Elevation (Call for Additional Applications)

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