Electronic Coin Acceptor SlugBuster I

Quarters Only, EZ Version

P35EZ Slugbuster I - "Quarters Only". Compares the coin in the holder with the coin to be accepted, (American or Canadian).

Solid-state design enables these units to weigh, electronically size & accept a preferred coin or token. EZ Version allows for easier access to coin mechanism than old version mechanisms.

All mechanisms are available in either a 2", 2-1/2" or 3" wide faceplate. All models are also available in an "S" type "short-drop" style for compact coin-box lids. "Short-drop" SlugBusters will retrofit to many of the compact mechanisms that are presently in use having a faceplate dimension of approximately 2-3/4" wide x 5" long.
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Unit Price: $132.00/EA

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Some coin box lids may have to be adapted to accept the "Short-drop" mechanisms.
* Tokens smaller than .984" are not recommended; however, tokens up to 1" may be used in the "Regular" size models and up to 1-3/16" in the "short-drop" models. Brass tokens of an 85/15 construction are ideal for proper operation.

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