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    10' Console Extension Cable

    Identifying Plugged Spray Nozzles Has Never Been Easier…

    Plugged or partially blocked spray nozzles can have a significant impact on the quality of your spraying job. Streaks in the field caused by misapplication can result in yield reductions, increased weed pressure and the need to reapply — all of which can be costly. The Sentry 6140 Nozzle Flow Monitor provides a simple, reliable solution to this problem. Flow sensors mounted at each spray nozzle location monitor the flow through the nozzle and provide instantaneous feedback to the operator should a nozzle become clogged. By eliminating the need to detect plugged nozzles visually from the cab, operators can cover more acres in a day and know with confidence that their spray nozzles are operating properly.

    Standard Features:
    • Individually Monitor Flowrate Performance of Every Spray Nozzle on Your Boom
    • Sentry 6140 Utilizes a Compact Flow Meter Integrated into Each Nozzle Body
    • Flow Meter Detects Flow Variation Caused by Clogs, Lost or Damaged Nozzle or Upstream Flow Restrictions
    • System Can Monitor Up to 75 Spray Nozzles Simultaneously
    • Error is Indicated by Audible Alarm, Display Notification & Illuminated LED at the Affected Nozzle

    Model 6140 Base Kit Includes: Sentry 6140 console with RAM mount, nozzle flow monitor interface, boom sense interface module, flow interface harness, boom sense interface harness, 2' power cable and (1) male and female terminators. Extension cables and flow sensors (dual or individual nozzle) are sold separately. ISO Compatible System Also Available - Call for Pricing
    $137.00 / EA
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    The turbine style flow meter used with the Sentry 6140 Nozzle Flow Monitor is compact, reliable and proven. The threaded connection allows the sensor to be added onto a wide range of standard TeeJet single and multiple outlet nozzle bodies. ChemSaver® diaphragm check valves remain in place to provide positive spray nozzle shutoff. Ample clearance inside the flow meter means minimal flow restriction and generous free passage for particles contained in the spray solution. Long wearing materials are used in bearing surfaces to ensure a consistent flow reading. The flow meter sensor is mounted externally to prevent direct contact with the spray solution for long term reliability.