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    12-Volt Replacement Actuator for On-Off Valves, 3 Seconds to Close, EH2, 3-Pin (3-Wire) Weatherpack Connector

    KZValve EH2 actuators are engineered for fast actuation and designed to work with KZValve 12-volt electric valves in extreme conditions. Ideal for a wide range of applications in the agriculture and industrial markets, these replacement actuators fit many major self-propelled and pull-type sprayers in the field. These reliable replacement actuators for 12-volt valves are proven performers season after season.

    This 12-volt actuator has a UV-modified, glass-filled nylon housing that is durable, impact resistant, and low maintenance—extending the actuator's life and reducing costs. The On/Off operation allows the actuator to be controlled via computerized spray monitor consoles and switches, with an actuation close time of 3 seconds.

    The hermetically sealed waterproof actuator housing is rated to NEMA 6P to protect internal components from corrosion and extend actuator life. Actuator housing is also ignition safe (rated NEMA 7D and meets the USCG Electrical Systems Standard) to support user and environment protection.

    Actuator features a 3-Pin (3-Wire) Weatherpack connector.

    Standard Features:
    • 12-volt on-off actuation
    • Actuates 3/4" to 3" valves
    • 316 stainless steel ball and stem
    • UV modified glass-filled nylon housing
    • Waterproof: Rated NEMA 6P
    • Ignition safe: Rated NEMA 7D
    • Solid-state components
    • Mid-size, "L" shape design
    • Impact resistant
    • Low maintenance

    Technical Specs:
    • Type: EH2 Actuator
    • Style: On/Off
    • Body Material: Nylon
    • Operation: 12V DC
    • Actuation Type: Electric
    • Actuation: 3 seconds
    • Connection Type: Weatherpack (3-Pin, 3-Wire)

    KZValve Electric Actuators & Valves Feature:
    • Waterproof polypropylene motor case, NEMA 6P & 7D rated
    • High Torque motors with Perm a Lube gears
    • Torques up to 500 lb-in., valves 3/4" to 4"
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Internal Automatic reset circuit breaker
    • 90 Deg. bidirectional rotation
    • 12 or 24 volt AC-DC actuators
    • Geared for the OEM
    • Valves include 316SS Balls and Stems
    • Nylon or Polypropylene Bodies
    • Dual Viton® O-Rings.
    Manufacturer: KZValves
    SKU: KZ10DW0-PF1
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