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    500 Gallon Pickup Truck Sprayer

    -Monday, 24 May 2021

    Specifications for Complete 500 Gal. Anti-ice / De-ice Pickup Truck Sprayer

    With Raven DCS400 Control System (Ground Speed Oriented) for Single Lane Spraying.


    Automatic Programmable Rate Control System:

    Automatic programmable rate control system provides for ground-speed oriented rate control (system automatically maintains the pre-programmed application rate in Gals Per Lane-Mile regardless of speed changes). Includes Raven DCS400 control system which can be pre-programmed for up to 6 different application rates. Controller rate dial allows for quick changes between pre-programmed rates while driving. Manual override button allows operator to increase or decrease the pre-programmed rates at any time. Also includes programmable "blast" feature to momentarily increase flowrate for pre-set amount of time. Includes control and console cables, speedometer speed sensor, 1-1/2" Raven flowmeter (#RVRFM60P), 1-1/2" Raven 12 Volt control valve (#063-0171-894) and 1"-12V boom on-off valve (full port valve with waterproof motor housing and fused auto reset). System will spray up to 30 Gals Per Lane Mile at 60 MPH, or higher rates at proportionally less speed (single lane spraying).

    500 Gallon Tank & Steel Skid Frame:

    Includes 500 Gallon Raven polyethylene tank with top 10" threaded fillwell with lid (vented), gallonage markers and 6.5" x 12" bottom center sump. Tank is mounted to heavy-duty welded steel skid frame (10 Gauge Hot-Rolled Steel; 96" x 40" x 57"; prime coat with acrylic enamel top coat) with two nylon ratchet straps. Also includes heavy-duty steel base plate for mounting valves and pump unit (powder-coat enamel paint finish).

    System Plumbing:

    All plumbing components are salt & chemical-resistant (polypropylene pipe fittings, valves & strainer); 1-1/2" EPDM Reinforced Suction Hose to pump. 2" Polypropylene strainer with 20 mesh stainless steel screen. Pump unit is HY1537 including Hypro 9203C centrifugal pump (1-1/2" x 1-1/4") close-coupled to Honda 5.5 HP engine (GX160K1TX). This pump unit is rated to deliver 88 GPM at 40 PSI and 30 GPM at 70 PSI). 2" Drain/Fill Valve with 2" Male Adaptor & Cap mounted at rear of unit for quick and easy bottom filling and draining. 3/4" by-pass system including 3/4" adjustable throttling valve. 1/2" jet agitation system including jet agitator in tank (Hypro 3371-19).

    Hose Reel System:

    System includes Hannay hand-crank hose reel (#1526-17-18 rated to 3,000 PSI; enamel paint finish; spool turns on self-aligning bearings; frame, drum and fasteners fabricated with heavy gauge steel). Includes 300' of 1/2" hose rated at 600 PSI and 17" Hypro adjustable pattern spray gun (#HY3381-10).

    80" Steel Boom System:

    Includes 80" long steel boom (primed & painted) with 1" square tube boom & 2" square tube attachment to fit into standard 2" receiver hitch. Includes 5/8" stainless tap bolt and 5/8" stainless nut inside 2" square tube to hold boom securely in place inside receiver hitch. 3/4" hose feeds (12) Spraying Systems brass solid stream nozzles (TP 0040) spaced at 8-9" centers. Outside two nozzles each side are mounted in brass double swivels to allow for independent angular adjustment and effective lane coverage. All nozzles mounted with 1" square boom clamps. Includes 1" feed hose with 1" female coupler for attachment to skid-mount spray system's discharge plumbing.
    Note: Can also be provided with Spraying Systems Control System (#SS844E-RA) with Radar Speed Sensing (ground-speed oriented also) or a Pressure-based Control System (not ground-speed oriented; Model DU1A202B) in lieu of Raven DCS400.
    Note: Other options included 12 Volt electric hose reel, electric start engine, stainless steel boom system, 3-lane stainless boom system and others; please inquire.