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    Air Purge Fitting for HDPE Pipe, Polyethylene, 1" Stainless Steel FPT in 4" Pipe


    Black PE4710 Butt Fusion Fittings are manufactured and tested to meet ASTM D2513, ASTM F714, ASTM D3261, ASTM D3350 and ASTM D3035, AWWA C906, and NSF-61 regulations. They are compatible for heat butt fusion with black HDPE pipe or fittings manufactured from a like resin, including black HDPE pipe shown on adjacent page. SDR11 rated to 200 PSI WP @ 73° F. Temperature rated from -58° to 140° F. Not for flammable liquids or petroleum-based products.

    Air purge fittings are manufactured with a stainless-steel insert molded into the fitting sidewall, enabling air/liquid purge of pipeline.

    Fields of Application:
    • Agriculture and irrigation
    • Chilled Water
    • Process Cooling Water
    • Industrial Water Treatment
    • Bulk Water Distribution
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
    • HVAC
    • Power Generation
    • Semiconductor

    Approval Ratings:
    • Approval: ASTM D2513
    • Approval: ASTM D3261
    • Approval: ASTM F714
    • Approval: ASTM D3350
    • Approval: ASTM D3035
    • Approval: AWWA C906
    • Approval: NSF-61

    Standard Features:
    • Robust mechanical strength
    • High impact resistance at very low temperatures
    • Stainless steel molded-in insert for air/liquid purge of line
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • High chemical resistance
    • Ease of installation
    • Low weight
    • Excellent cost to performance ratio
    • Safely and securely joined by heat fusion
    • Corrosion-resistant

    Technical Specs:
    • SDR11 rated to 200 PSI - WP @ 73°F
    • Temperature rated -58° to 140° F.

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